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Cerro Gordo Elementary Distributes Homework Packets Safely

Those pictured are all Cerro Gordo Elementary Staff: (bottom, clockwise) Elementary Secretary, Stacey Wildman; Social Worker, Shelley Frye; 6th grade teacher, Jason Jacobs; Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Durbin; Elementary Principal, Jodi Neaveill.

Staff Writer

On Monday, April 6, 2020, a group of teachers and admistrators handed out work packets to the Cerro Gordo Elementary students wearing masks. Each parent drove up through the bus line to receive their packets. No one left their cars.

I asked the Elementary Principal Jodi Neaveill how it went. “The student packet pick up went extremely well. I was very pleased with how smoothly it went. Parents did a wonderful job keeping the line moving and I was very thankful for Jason Jacobs, Diann Durbin, Stacey Wildman, Shelley Frye, and Jim VanMatre and their help that morning. It was great to see the parents and students.”

As far as staff goes, currently, “All teachers have “office hours” when they can be contacted by parents/students. CG staff is working from home for the most part. Weekly meal prep and delivery/pickup is still going on and will continue, so those involved in that will work those days at the school.”

She added they miss the students desperately. They have been out of the building since March 16th. “We all miss the students so much! Any information regarding the remainder of the year will be communicated via School Messenger and posted on the School Website.”

As far as when they return, it’s up to the Governor. “Governor Pritzger will make the decision regarding the school calendar for the remainder of the school year.

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