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Atwood Village Board Conducts Business through Virtual Meeting

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The regular meeting of the Atwood Village Board was held virtually on Monday, April 27. The meeting date was altered for the month due to end of their fiscal year. Those attending the meeting were Village President Davey Herring, and trustees Christina Stoltz, Heather O’Connor, Haley Ely and Allen Kilber. Bev Obert was also in attendance as well as Village Clerk Nancy Wierman and Treasurer Jamie Simpson.

The consent agenda was approved as well as the expenditures totaling $71,664.10.

Trustee O’Connor stated that she is still working on a preliminary budget and just has a few unanswered questions.

The board passed a motion to accept the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with Piatt County Forest Preserve District for the term of one year. In this agreement the forest preserve pays the village an annual amount of $3,000. This agreement has been the same for several years.

Bev Obert was in attendance on behalf of the Atwood Woman’s Club. The board voted to pay for the flowers for the large pots on Main Street and in front of the Municipal Building and Atwood Post Office. The woman’s club purchases the flowers, plants and waters the flowers during the season.

A discussion was held and motion passed to accept Ordinance 20-0-3, declaring surplus property and authorizing sale of the same for the Sensus AR5501 water meter touchread hand held device complete with stand, Sensus command link, GPS receiver and bracket, touch auto-gun SN094156 and holding bracket. The village no longer uses this equipment due to the new water meters. At the present time, the equipment is on loan to Humboldt. They will have the option to pay for the equipment for what they think it is worth.

Stephanie Wierman had sent a letter to the village board to request a donation of $2,500 for the Atwood Chamber of Commerce for the 2020 Apple Dumpling Festival. Haley Ely stated that she thought this should be tabled due to the possibility of the festival being cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. O’Connor said that this donation is already in the budget and it shouldn’t be an issue. Stoltz made a motion, seconded by O’Connor, to approve the donation to the chamber with the stipulation that if there is no festival this year, the money will remain in the budget. All trustees voted yes and Ely abstained.

It was decided to table the decision to set a new date for Clean-Up Day until the June meeting.

During general discussion, Kilber told the board he was waiting on a bid to repair the blown out tile at the south end of Atwood.

Kilber also brought to the board regarding the village purchasing 16 acres of ground next to Richey Park. John Lyons is the owner of the land and Kilber said Lyons told him he would sell the land for $9,500 an acre. Kilber said the park is landlocked and now would be the time to purchase at least eight acres. Kilber and Ely would like to see more parking added plus one or two soccer fields and a basketball court.

A lengthy discussion followed and Kilber said he would like for each trustee to let them know how they feel about it. Stoltz asked where they were going to get the money and she doesn’t think the village needs to spend any more than is necessary at the present time, especially when the economy is at a low right now.

O’Connor agreed that the village shouldn’t spend any money at the present time and reminded everyone that they still have the loan to repair Main Street to repay.

Ely stated that everything at the park has been neglected and it was time to do something for the kids. She said buying the land, or a portion, was the only option. She wants to work it into the park budget to pay off a loan for the land.

Kilber said he didn’t want to take the chance of losing the opportunity of buying the land.

Village President Herring said he didn’t want to spend any extra money right now.

No decision was made on purchasing the land, but trustees were ask to continue to think about the idea.

Jamie Simpson brought before the board about allowing people to have chickens in town, no roosters, just laying hens. No decision was made at this time.

The next meeting of the board will be held on Monday, May 11, at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building.

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