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Cerro Gordo Superintendent Announces Prom Likely Cancelled, Graduation is Still Up in Air

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On Wednesday evening, the Cerro Gordo School Board met in the auditorium for their regularly scheduled meeting. The board will continue to meet in the auditorium throughout the summer, as it provides more room for social distancing than the band room during this time of CDC recommendations with the possible spread of Covid-19.

Superintendent Robinson discussed with the board that more than likely, Prom which was set in July, postponing the normal date in the spring due to Covid-19 closures and cancellations.. There were hopes restrictions would be eased by that point to allow an indoor gathering, however it is unlikely that will occur. Robinson stated, “So, he is not here tonight but kinda speaking on behalf of the Principal, Mr. Rodebaugh, his feeling on Prom is we are unlikely able to have the Prom event during times of social distancing even in the later part of July. As for graduation, he hopes to get health department approval for a modified graduation plan that would include consideration of the maximum number of people gathering in one place with social distancing.” The district will release a statement regarding Prom in the future on their website and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

As far as graduation goes, there is nothing definite. It is scheduled for July 25th, and Principal Jermey Rodebaugh has submitted a plan to the Piatt County Health department for approval.

There were other events honoring recognition that were cancelled as well this year. “As for the high school the annual high school and junior high honors programs, for the high school all the scholarships have already been distrubuted to recipients and the National Honor Society induction program has been set for the fall. And that leaves honor roll, perfect attendance, some of those other considerations.” Robinson added that for the other considerations something will be done in the fall when students return, all contingent on what will be allowed.

What Will School Look Like in the Fall?

As far as what will school look like in the fall, a lot is uncertain. Districts were all given funding from the CARES Act for purchasing possible sanitation equipment, materials needed for remote learning, and so on. Cerro Gordo School District received around $80,000 from the CARES Act.

As far as the CARES Act Robinson stated, “There are a wide variety of things that are able to be purchased with CARES Act grant funds. The other good thing is we have the ability to make amendments to that grant. So if we put in we are going to need to buy this many of this and circumstances changing as we go…so we don’t need this stuff and make an amendment and move those dollars where we need them more.”

Board Secretary Angela Miller asked Robinson Wednesday evening what he thinks school might look like, and if the district has purchased any materials to aid with whatever plan is mandated. “What is the next year going to look like, when will we know, when will we think we will know…are kids going to be wearing masks…what can you tell us?”

Robinson replied, “I can tell you nothing definitive, that is not what people want to hear. There are far more questions than there are answers, I walk into Dollar General and I am asked at least twice. I understand, I really do. I appreciate what they are asking me.” Robinson added that the district is staying up to date with the changes, but have yet to receive any concrete information, but once they do they will implement something. “We will get input from staff, input from as many sources as we can. We of course will keep attuned to what other districts are planning as well, they are asking us questions as well.”

List of Projects Completed/In Progress:


•Asbestos removal, waterproofing in the Elementary annex basement with new flooring, painting, and ceiling tiles in progress

•HVAC installation in Art Room and new roof at Elementary annex

•Asbestos removal from a custodial closet in the 1962 portion of the Jr/Sr building

•Classroom door security improvements completed/near completion

In Progress:

•Masonry repairs and Tuckpoint work over the Jr/Sr High School roof

•Shade Struture for the Elementary Playground

•Landscaping cleanup almost complete

•Elementary parking lot for staff to be paved by Morse Driveways

•Ag Shop lighting upgrade

•Elementary Annex basement flooring, lighting, and ceiling upgrade

•Electrical work on the track

•Sidewalk repairs by the North Elementary Exit

•Other Parking lot repairs, and upgrades

•Remodel of room next to Teacher’s lounge to be used by district social worker

Other News and Information

•Megan Meade approved as the AG teacher

•Intergovernmental agreement with Mt. Zion to share Speech Pathologist, Colleen Beavers

•Approval of the following as student custodial summer help: Joyce Smith, Mason walker, and Connor waterhouse

•Approval of agreement with Macon-Piatt ROE #39 Safe School and Futures programs

•Approval of prevailing wage resolution

•A decision for where to place plaques was discussed, no formal decision

•Approval of contract with Birch Bus Service

•Debbie Greenwood re-elected as Board Treasurer

•Student Teaching and Clinical Experience Affiliation agreement with EIU approved

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