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One-Way Street, Grass, House Numbers…Things to Ponder

Do Not Enter sign on Central Street in Atwood.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

To begin, Central Street in Atwood is a one-way street West from Main Street to Illinois Street. To those of you who might not know the name of the street, it is the one in front of the Municipal Building and Atwood Post Office. That being said, I was asked to please put something in our newspaper to remind residents of this fact.

On Illinois Street, there are two DO NOT ENTER signs like the one shown above, and also an arrow to inform people NOT to travel East on this street.

If you have ever met a car coming at you on this one-way street, you know it is a little scary. I will have to say that I think most of the time it will be someone who doesn’t live in town. Nevertheless, someone going the wrong way can be disastrous. Please be aware and make others aware of this one-way street.

While we are on the subject of streets, please DO NOT throw your mowed grass on the street or roadway. For one thing, it is illegal in the State of Illinois, it looks bad and is dangerous for walkers & bike/motorcycle riders.

Also, please be sure you have your house number properly displayed on the front of your house. There is a village ordinance requiring house numbers. This is also important in case an emergency response vehicle is called to your home.

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