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Celebrating Arthur CUSD #305 2020 Retirees

Arthur CUSD #305 would like to thank and recognize our recent retirees. We want to wish them the best in their retirement. Thank you Ken Munds, Deb Flavin, Angie Romine, and Carla Poorman for your service and dedication to Arthur CUSD #305!

Celebrating Mr. Ken Munds

Arthur CUSD #305 would like to recognize and celebrate the 33 years of service and dedication that Mr. Ken Munds has provided the district, as he will be retiring at the end of June. Mr. Munds has provided the district excellent service during his 33 years and his knowledge, dedication to the job, and commitment to the district will be missed. He has maintained the building and grounds as well as volunteered to take care of many other duties that were outside the scope of his responsibilities. If you attended a football game you would have witnessed the dedication he committed to making the field one of the best in the area as well as volunteering his time to cook for the concessions during home games. Mr. Munds was always willing to lend a hand or volunteer his time and talents for the betterment of the district, students, and communities we serve. We will miss Mr. Munds greatly and want to wish him a heartfelt, sincere thank you and wish him all the happiness he so deserves in his next journey in life.

Ken will do anything to make what you need to happen work. Our buildings and grounds shine because of his hard work and high expectations. He is creative and thinks outside the box in order to get things done. He is meticulous in his work, making everything he touches look impressive. Not only has he given his blood, sweat, and tears for decades to CUSD #305, he has given his heart. ~ Steffanie Seegmiller, ALAH High School Principal

Ken is someone who is meticulous in his work and a great asset to our district. I don’t think people realize the amount of extra time Ken spent in the buildings. He was always behind the scene, setting up or cleaning up after most activities that take place in our building. Ken gave me the opportunity to work under him during a few summers while I was in college. He had a tremendous amount to organize and did a fantastic job every year. I hold Ken in high regard and wish him the best in retirement. ~ Jared Vanausdoll, ALAH High School Assistant Principal

He was always there to help when needed and willing to do anything for you. He always made me feel like my maintenance concern was the top priority. He will be dearly missed. ~ Spencer Kirby, ALAH High School Teacher

Offering me a place to live with him when I first came to town in the middle of the school year. The incredible amount of time he took to care for and paint the FB field when we were in the playoffs. Many comments about the best field in the area. ~ Dale Schuring, ALAH High School Teacher

I have only been in the district for two years but anytime I had maintenance or set up need, he was timely, kind, and detail-oriented. I never had to worry about concerts being set up or taken down. He has been extremely dependable and I wish him the best in retirement! Thanks, Ken! ~ Ryan Wood, Band Director

Ken was one of the first people that I met the summer I began working at Arthur Grade School as an administrator. He made me feel comfortable right off and let me know if I needed anything to reach out. He has worked so hard over the years to make our buildings and grounds the best they can be. Even when pulled in many directions, the popular guy he is, he would always get back to you. I appreciated Ken’s input and ideas while working with him over these 6 years. I wish you the best of retirements, Ken! Enjoy this time and do the things you enjoy! ~ Sage Hale, Arthur Grade School Principal

When I was first hired in 2012, Ken was one of the first people who greeted me with a smile and let me know that if I needed anything to reach out. It was a great way to join the district and as a first-year teacher, it meant a lot to feel supported. ~ Stevi Stutzman, Arthur Grade School Teacher

For as long as I can remember Ken has been a part of my time in the Arthur #305 District. I have known Ken since I was a student roaming the halls of Arthur High School. He was there to help me as a young coach if I needed anything. As a teacher, he was there fixing things in my classroom and he always helped me get into gyms for practices. Over the summer he unlocked doors for the team so we could maneuver around the wax and still workout. Ken has always been a helpful hand to rely on. Our school has always looked wonderful and has been something I have taken pride in. That is a testament to how dedicated Ken has been to his job and this school. Thank you for all your hard work, Ken! I hope you enjoy the retirement you deserve to relax! ~ Jessica Vanausdoll, Arthur Grade School Teacher

I would like to thank Ken for his years of service and dedication to Arthur CUSD #305. His vision has transformed our district into one of the best school environments around. I have appreciated his flexibility during all hours of the day and night. He will be missed. ~ Kristin Nall, Atwood-Hammond Grade School Principal

It has been a pleasure working with you! I wish you a happy and safe retirement. ~ Marcia Delong, Atwood-Hammond Grade School Custodian

I can’t believe that Ken is actually retiring. He has told me he was going to retire every year for the past nine. In all seriousness though, in those nine years of working and getting to know Ken, I can say that he is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He is dependable, reliable, and has been absolutely dedicated to this district. I know that if I pick up the phone and call Ken he will answer. That is important. Whether the need was a broken tile or just to say hey, Ken would answer the call. I was with Ken through the transition of three districts into one. That is a rare challenge that most will never face in their career. Ken was professional, helpful, and willing to do whatever needed to be done to help all three districts and multiple communities be heard and part of the process. The road here has been paved with challenges and filled with obstacles. Those obstacles were met not with resistance, but with the notion of opportunity. Ken will be missed in these buildings when we come back next year. I personally want to thank you for your time, service, and dedication to our schools. ~ Brandon Stone, Lovington Grade School Principal

Celebrating Mrs. Deb Flavin

Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School would like to celebrate Debrah Flavin who is finishing this 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Flavin began her career in the fall of 1987 at Arthur High School. She taught Spanish along with the occasional English I, a freshman study skills class and the occasional summer school. She is an excellent researcher and has spent hours and hours each year working in her classroom to prepare for her lessons. One of her gifts is working with students of all ages who are learning English. She has a heart that embraces the challenges that these students face every day. Her compassion for helping Hispanic families learn English goes well beyond the classroom. She works with them to earn their US citizenship as well as gather the clothing and/or household appliances they need. She does this in an official capacity through Lake Land College and on her own time.

Deb is a co-worker that brings enthusiasm and positivity to the building every day. She is loyal and always willing to help. She is known for her school spirit, always participating in whatever spirit days that are held in the biggest way. She served on committees during her tenure here including the AEA, Honors Night and Homecoming. She was always willing to give an extra hand.

One of her colleagues described her as a huge resource collector but she knew everything she collected and was always willing to share whatever she had. Her mind was a filing cabinet as she collected information like no other educator.

Michelle Ferguson shared that one of my favorite Deb stories was walking by her classroom and being invited inside with her class to make a “God’s eye” and hearing the history of them. I still have the one I made in my room!

Joan Sutherland said it best, ‘Teaching is her world’ and she will be missed by so many.

Celebrating Mrs. Angie Romine

Atwood-Hammond Grade School would like to celebrate Angie Romine who is retiring this 2019-2020 school year. Angie began working at Atwood-Hammond Grade School in August of 1986 as a second grade teacher. She spent 4 years in second grade and then moved to 1st grade for the next 4 years. After this she made her final move to 4th grade where she spent the remainder of her 26 years of teaching. Angie spent her entire 34 years of teaching at Atwood-Hammond Grade School. Her dedication to AHGS has been endless. She is one of the first faces students see when entering the building each day and is always one of the last to see them out the door. Her positive energy has spread throughout our building and just grown over the years. Her love for poetry was shared every spring with students in her classroom and throughout the school. She will forever be remembered for her “Poetry Theater.” Angie is also known for her lovely singing each day. She shared her love of music with kids in her classroom and all over the school. Angie is a teacher who has genuinely loved every year spent in the classroom. She loves her students and her passion for teaching shines through each day she is in the classroom. Even through remote learning she was working hard to reach her students. We wish Angie the best in her retirement!

I went to Monticello High School with Angie. She was a year older than me and I never knew she would become this wonderful and loving teacher. She is so far above everyone and we are so sad to see her go! ~ Tim Manselle, AHGS Jr. High Science Teacher

Mrs. Romine has such a kind and giving heart. She has always worked so well with everyone here at AHGS. ~ Jorena Hammel, AHGS Cook

Angie has always been so great to talk to. I have always been able to count on her for kind, encouraging words at the most perfect times I have needed them. Her smile and positive attitude will be missed by all. ~ Krista Hale, AHGS Kindergarten teacher

She is the epitome of what a teacher should be–a true professional in every way! ~ Ryan Jefferson, AHGS PE teacher

Mrs. Romine is a staple in our school. When students and staff think of AHGS they think of Mrs. Romine. She’s a great encourager to all students and staff with her big smile, her singing and her poems. Mrs. Romine helps organize staff birthday celebrations and she’s always helping pass an envelope around to collect money for a staff member in need or to help them celebrate something big coming up. We all have big shoes to fill with her leaving and she will for sure leave a whole that will take time to fill! I hope when I reach retirement I am still as fun and filled with joy for teaching as she is! ~ Erin Beck, AHGS K-2 teacher

Mrs. Romine is the heart and sole of AHGS. She is everyone’s biggest fan and always looks for the best in every situation. She has taught me so much in my career but the most important thing she taught me is that we need to always put the students first. In every decision we make, we should consider them. I hope I can always carry that advice with me and stay true to it. There is so much I will miss about Mrs. Romine but if I have to choose just one thing, it would be her presence. She has an unforgettable laugh and personality. Thank you, Angie, for being a role model, a friend, a confidant, a leader, and mostly, an amazing teacher! I wish you nothing but the best during your retirement years! ~ Mallory Crist, AHGS 3rd grade teacher

Angie Romine will be truly missed by the AHGS staff. Walking into school in the morning you could be certain of one thing. Angie would be there waiting in the foyer to greet staff and students with a huge smile and a cheerful good morning. Many parents will miss her as well. My daughter Taylor, who is a freshman at the University of Illinois, had Mrs. Romine as her 4th grade teacher. She still talks about how much fun it was to have poetry theater and eat popcorn with everyone. Best wishes and happy retirement! ~ Amy Nichols, AHGS PreK aide

In the short time I had the privilege of working with Angie, I saw the most caring, hard working, supportive teacher I have ever worked with. She loves every student at AHGS, and goes above and beyond for students and staff alike. She always had a smile, and I never heard her complain one time. She made me feel so welcomed, and I am grateful for the time I got to spend with her. She will truly be missed by everyone. ~ Lisa Hood, AHGS Classroom aide

What I admire most about Angie is her upbeat personality! She always has a smile on her face and makes the best out of any situation. I loved the way she would greet the kids when they came off the bus in the mornings. They would still be asleep until they entered to her singing and clappying them right down the hallway. Angie will truly be missed! Relax and enjoy your retirement. ~ Marcia Delong, AHGS custodian

Angie is the glue that holds our AHGS family together. She is the lady that always thinks of others and is infamous for starting the passing of the manila envelope to collect donations. She thoughtfully and selflessly remembers to celebrate each staff member’s milestones, from birthdays to weddings, to welcoming new babies. Angie never failed to forget these milestones or to support us in times of need. She always found a way to make us all feel special and connected. ~ Jessica Hopkins, AHGS 4th grade teacher

Angie Romine was a positive force in our building. The first to volunteer and organize. She was a joy to know and work with. Her classroom was a joyful, happy room filled with songs, and silly voices that held her students spellbound when reading to them. When she had Lane, my son, she went above and beyond for him. When he struggled she worked with him over recesses and gave him extra instruction when needed. She never felt it was a burden. She took the time to really get to know him and encouraged him to go far in the subjects he was drawn to. He loved 4th grade and has many fond memories of that year. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. She was one of the coaches for Girls On the Run. She was always so positive and upbeat and was always quick with a joke and an encouraging word. She helped Ruby, my daughter, to develop a love for running. For that we’ll be forever grateful! She is a natural teacher who students are drawn to and remember with fondness. I, for one, feel honored to have known her and for her to have taught and coached my kids. She will be missed so very much. ~ Jane Burton, AHGS classroom aide

Mrs Romine’s loyalty and service to our children and community are only second to the way she has forever touched the lives of so many of us (students and adults). While she is an incredibly creative, competent and passionate teacher, she is even better at making children and adults feel seen and loved. She builds authentic relationships and finds ways to lift others up. She never seeks the spotlight. She is humble and gracious and full of contagious energy. We have been richly blessed that Angie Romine would choose to teach in Atwood for all these years. She has given her heart to us. So many will forever have the fingerprints of Mrs. Romine on their lives. We are better because of her service, teaching and love. She deserves much honor. Her legacy inspires educators and students alike. Angie Romine defines what it is to be the best in education. ~ Bobbi Ward, AHGS School Counselor

I will miss her smile and greeting every morning. She always puts a positive spin on whatever might be troubling or confusing to someone. I think she puts forth 110% for her students. ~ Carolyn Vanderkloot, AHGS 2nd grade teacher

Angie is the ultimate professional elementary school educator. She is going to leave a void that will not be easily filled. ~ Lyle Dorjahn, AHGS custodian

Angie Romine has had a huge impact on so many lives including mine. I was fortunate enough to be in her first class at AHGS and then I got to be a coworker at the same school. She is loving, caring, and puts her heart into everything she does. I will miss her smile, poetry theater, and the songs that she always sings. Angie’s influence on her students will last a lifetime. ~ Katie Shoemaker, AHGS 5th grade teacher

Celebrating Mrs. Carla Poorman

Arthur Grade School would like to celebrate Carla Poorman who is retiring this 2019-2020 school year. Carla began working at Arthur Grade School in August of 2007 as a one-on-one aide and then quickly moved in the position as our librarian aide. From the moment she began working at our school she made an impact on our students and staff. She has always had creative ideas and loved to plan fun competitions and games for our students. We would have loved to end things a little differently here at the end of this year but due to the circumstances we asked some of Carla’s friends from the past to tell how much Carla impacted our district and the lives of many children through the years.

When the Arthur School District hired library aide, Carla Poorman, they were fortunate to have unearthed a diamond in the rough. This “gem” of a colleague fell in love with the children, the staff, and the role of the librarian all leading to the discovery of her niche in life. Tirelessly, she worked beyond school hours and during summers turning a room with four walls and bookshelves into a living, loving library worthy of attracting young readers. Self-motivated to go outside the confines of her job description, Mrs. Poorman added to her daily routine by creating student contests, organizing a school newsletter, ramping up the Veteran’s Day assembly, and literally focusing on anything she felt would help improve the school’s literary environment for the children. You’ll be a tough act to follow, Carla Poorman. Best wishes for continued health, happiness, and relaxation….all deserved….in your retirement. Thanks for all your help with the Hungry Book Cafe. ~ Joan Sutherland, former Jr. High Teacher and Librarian for the Arthur School District

Mrs. Poorman is such a unique individual – great sense of humor, great relationship with the students and staff, totally dedicated to the AGS library, and always willing to make a fool of herself, whether it was wearing antlers, hippie clothes, 20 strings of beads at once, crazy glasses, light-up headbands . . . anything that is in the spirit of a holiday, book theme, or special school event.

One of the most frugal people you’ll ever meet, Mrs. Poorman was always on the prowl searching through emails, websites, sales, thrift stores and wherever else she could find deals and freebies to save the teachers and the library money. She even made her own parchment paper one time! She was very talented when it came to honoring retirees, repurposing the most unlikely items, turning them into gifts.

Mrs. Poorman invented so many ways to give away prizes to the students – bookmark contests, finding hidden holiday characters around the school, guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar, and the ever-popular “How many books are in the AGS library?”
EVERYTHING in the school library enticed the students to LOVE going in there – bulletin boards, cool child-oriented furniture, original and clever author or book theme-oriented fixtures, not to mention the presentation of the books themselves (How could shelves of books excite children to read? Ask Mrs. Poorman!), oh, and the lady sitting at the desk – Mrs. Poorman herself! What’s not to love about Mrs. Poorman? Every student thought of her as their Grandma, teasing them, giving them nicknames and loving on them the way she did.
I think the fact that she had prior experience as a school bus driver enhanced Mrs. Poorman’s relationships with the students. They definitely knew where they stood with her – she was usually jovial and jolly, but there was never a doubt as to when she meant business.
AGS is definitely a better place for having had Mrs. Poorman as a librarian. She leaves a legacy of love, laughter and a little lunacy, but most of all she instilled in the students an excitement for the world of reading a book they can actually HOLD in this world of ever-increasing technology which threatens to download, upload and digitize the words on those pages. We’ll miss you, Mrs. Poorman! ~ Mrs. Marner, former secretary of Arthur Grade School

Carla is truly one of a kind. She came to AGS as a one on one aide for a student in my room. Unfortunately the student moved away so she was no longer in my room. I so enjoyed Carla! She moved on to the library as a library aide. That job fit her perfectly. She was able to reach so many kids in this new position. She transformed the library into a place that the kids loved to go! Carla always had so many activities going to get the kids involved. She added so many books through her fundraising. There were endless hours of shelving books, lots of reader inquiries answered, everlasting friendships, and so many reader’s lives changed forever. A reader, a mentor, a friend. Enjoy the next chapter Carla! Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you! Librarians don’t retire, they just get re-shelved! I hope your next shelf is one of the best! Enjoy retirement! ~ Debbie Kingery, former teacher of Arthur Grade School

Carla’s time at AGS has been like the pages of a book. She wrote a great story to share with us, so we can read and remember. She was:

C- CARING, COMPASSIONATE & CREATIVE- Carla has always been caring. She cared about all students and showed it by being compassionate to those who were troubled, scared or had problems in school. She tried to get them to laugh about her funny outfits to set them at ease. She joked with them and ensured that they felt cared about. Carla was compassionate and empathetic toward students that had problems. She treated them with respect and acceptance without trying to change them. She was creative. She ran contests for the entire school. The children loved them. She creatively decorated the library. It was always bright and friendly there. She participated by dressing up for all occasions held by the school. It didn’t matter if she looked silly, the children knew she was just being herself and it didn’t matter. That encouraged many to step out of their shyness and take that leap to do something outside of their comfort zone and dress up too.

A- AWARE. Carla was always aware of a student who needed help or just something in the school that needed done.

R- REACTIVE- She did not just sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it, she took up the charge for change.

L- LOVING- She loved all the students and they knew it. You never saw Carla in the library alone. There were always students there to help. Her library was an inviting place for students to come and help or pick a book to read. She teased the students in the lunch line and helped make the kindergarteners and first graders especially, but all students in general, feel comfortable and good about themselves.

A- AMAZING- It amazed me just how much Carla did. She never asked for recognition. She just did whatever was needed.

P- POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE, PROFESSIONAL, PATIENT- I never heard Carla complain, even when she had medical issues, she remained positive and cheerful. She never complained about what the administration required, she took it in her stride and did it. She was productive. She not only took care of the library, she decorated the gym at times to prepare for an assembly. When did she find the time? She just did! She was a hard worker. She was always professional, she never talked about students in a negative way. She was patient, I never saw her lose her patience with a child. She was always patient and kind to the children.

O- OUTGOING- Carla was friends with the entire staff. She always had a listening ear whenever you were having a bad day and you had confidence that whatever you told her in confidence would go no further than her. She made you smile and see the bright side of whatever was wrong. You always felt better when you left.

O- ORGANIZED- Carla always knew where things were and where to find something you needed. I remember going to her at the last minute for a book I needed and she found it quickly and easily.

R- RESPONSIBLE- Students often asked for books that the library didn’t have, and she made sure it was located. She found innovative ways to get the books they wanted. She did fundraisers online where anyone could contribute and initiated wishlists for parents to help purchase new books that students wanted. She did this not only to obtain books that students requested, but also to encourage them to read.

M- MOTHERING- Carla was not just a librarian, and her students were not just students. She was loved by her children (I know she considered them her children) and she loved them wholeheartedly.

A- ADAPTABLE- Nothing rattled Carla, if plans changed she changed with it.

N- NICE- Carla was nice to everyone. She has a lot of heart and isn’t afraid to share it. She touched many lives in her time at AGS. Some she will know about and many more she won’t, but the students of AGS will hold her in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives. They loved her and she loved them. She will be missed by the staff and the students alike.

I wish you well, Carla. Enjoy this new chapter of your life. I know it will be well written and shared with many, because that is just who you are: C-A-R-L-A P-O-O-R-M-A-N.
~ Linda Jent, former teacher of Arthur Grade School


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