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Cerro Gordo CUSD #100 Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: The district’s curriculum will ensure all children are challenged appropriately for their abilities, with a high level of student achievement promoted for each child.

Objective 1.1–The district’s curriculum will be articulated across all grade levels.

Objective 1.2–Collaboration of teachers and parents is encouraged to help meet the educational needs of each student.

Objective 1.3–Students are expected to attain a high level of achievement.

Objective 1.4–The district’s curriculum will help students prepare for college, trade schoolsand to become productive membersof society.

Goal 2: The district will promote a safe, healthy, comfortable, productive environment, conducive to teaching and learning.

Objective 2.1–The district’s facilities will be properly maintained.

Objective 2.2 –The district will provide a safe classroom environment.

Objective 2.3 –The district will continually monitor and update technologies and information services.

Goal 3: The district will be fiscally responsible.

Objective 3.1–The district will always strive to maintain a balanced budget.

Objective 3.2 –The district will aggressively seek alternative sources of income.

Goal 4: The district will encourage community involvement.

Objective 4.1 –The district will establish clear lines of communication between the school and the community.

Objective 4.2–The district will be actively involved in the community.

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