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Cerro Gordo CUSD #100 School Reopening Q & A Fall 2020


1. Are all individuals in a school building required to wear a face covering at all times? Yes. As required by IDPH, except while eating and during band, face coverings must be worn at all times in school buildings, even when social distance is maintained. All individuals in a school building must wear a face covering unless they have provided a doctor’s note, or are outside (PE, recess, etc.) with appropriate social distancing.

2. How do schools verify a student meets an exception to the face mask requirement? Schools require a doctor’s note (family medical doctor/primary care provider) for students and staff who are not able to wear a face mask.

3. Can individuals in a school building wear a face shield instead of a face covering? No, unless approved for speech services.

4. Will face coverings be provided by the State of Illinois to schools? While the state plans to provide every student with a mask, it is the parents responsibility to ensure they have one before attending school. It is encouraged that students have a backup mask in their backpack should they need it.


5. Are all individuals in a school building required to maintain social distance (remain 6 feet apart) at all times? Social distance must be observed as much as possible. Desks do not need to be spaced 6 feet apart; however, it is recommended that excess furniture be removed from classrooms to allow for as much space as possible in between desks.

6. Is social distance required to be maintained on school busses? No. No more than 50 individuals may be on a bus at one time. All individuals on a bus must wear a face covering, unless they meet a face covering exception. Allow as much space as possiblebetween each individual on a bus. It is recommended that students from the same household sit together on a bus.

7. How will schools handle passing periods and allowing students to move from class-to-class? When possible, the following hallway procedures will be used:

• Provide hallway supervision using hall and bathroom monitors to ensure a limited number of persons enter bathrooms at one time;

• Use marking to designate one-way paths in hallways and designate certain staircases one-way only, as possible;

• Remove furniture or other items that may encourage congregating in certain areas;

• Limit number of riders in elevators to one or two students with an additional adult (when student needs continuous support or supervision); and

• Suspend the use of lockers


8. What does ‘one space’ mean? Examples of one space may include one school bus, one classroom, or areas of a hallway. Capacity restrictions do not apply to an entire school building.

9. What does ‘one space’ mean whenoutside? Each group of 50 or fewer individuals must remain 30 feet apart. If individuals are 6 feet apart at all times, face coverings do not need to be worn.


10. How should symptom screenings be administered? TheDistrict has determined that self-certification of health will be the responsibility of each parent prior to sending their child to school and of each employee prior to reporting to work. Only students and staff who have completed the self-certification and meet the criteria to report to school will be permitted to do so. Parents and employees will be provided the health certification screening form. Parents, by sending their child to school, and employees who report to work are certifying they have conducted the daily health screen and meet the criteria for your child to attend school or for the employee to report to work. Individuals who have a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, are experiencing one or more COVID-19 symptoms, such as, fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle and body aches, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, or do not meet the criteria for access to the building will be denied access. Individuals who exhibit symptoms should be sent home and referred to a medical provider for evaluation and treatment and be given information about when they can return to school.

11. Who can perform symptom screenings? In addition to the COVID-19 Daily Self-Certification Health Screen required of parents and employees, any staff member may perform in-person temperature checks and symptom screenings. It is not required that a certified school nurse perform these checks and screenings. Office staff will be asking for symptom information when students are called in sick.


12. When must an individual self-quarantine? Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are suspected of having COVID-19 infection should seek medical attention, self-isolate, and follow CDC guidelines for discontinuation of isolation. Individuals who have had close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19 infection should isolate at home and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. Individuals who did not have close contact can return to school immediately after disinfection.

13. What is the procedure if a student were to show symptoms mid-day? Schools should provide a supervised quarantine space for students/staff who are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms and may be awaiting evaluation and/or pickup. Students must never be left alone and must be supervised at all times while maintaining necessary precautions within the quarantine space. Judgment of nursing professionals or the administrator/designee (in the absence of a nurse) must determine who is placed in the quarantine space and the level of supervision (e.g., supervised by nurse or unlicensed personnel) required for persons within the quarantine space.Parents must make arrangements for children who become ill during the day to be picked up as soon as possible but within no more than 45 minutes supervision (e.g., supervised by nurse or unlicensed personnel) required for persons within the quarantine space.Parents must make arrangements for children who become ill during the day to be picked up as soon as possible but within no more than 45 minutes.


14. Can parents opt-in to full remote instruction for students? Yes. While it is highly encouraged and studies have shown that in-person instruction is the most effective method, we understand that some families may be reluctant to send their student(s) to school. Remote learning students are expected to complete assignments and meet all expectations of their teachers and will be graded accordingly. Grading for remote instruction will NOT be similar to remote learning grading for the Spring of 2020, when work assigned and completed during remote learning could “do no harm” to the grades students had attained up to the point that remote learning began.

15. What factors should parents consider in deciding whether or not to opt-in to full remote instruction for students? Each family should consider the following when making this decision:

•medical considerations such as compromised immunity of the student or a family/household member

• the comfort level they have with their student(s) attending in-person

• their students educational strengths and weaknesses

• their access to internet and technological capabilities (especially for Jr/Sr High students)

• the self-motivation of the student

• the students ability to adapt to independent practice and the self-discipline required for remote learning

• the parent’s acceptance of the daily responsibility to conduct the required self-certification wellness check of each of their children


16. When is the first day of school? The first day for student attendance is scheduled for August 17. We will follow a modified schedule from 8:05 am -12:30 pm, as outlined in the Cerro Gordo Schools reopening plan.

17. Will the Broncos After School (BAS) program be operating? Unfortunately no and it is not likely to reopen until Cerro Gordo enters Phase 5 in the Governor’s Restore Illinois Plan.

18. Who do I contact for transportation questions? Parents should contact Birch Bus Service at birchbuscg@gmail.comor by phone at (217) 763-5091.

19. Who do I contact for general school questions?

Elementary Principal Jodi Neaveill at

Jr/Sr High Principal Jeremy Rodebaugh at

District Superintendent Brett Robinson at

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