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Bement hosts dual cross country meet

A small dual meet between Bement Middle School and Cerro Gordo Jr. High cross-country teams was held on August 20 in Bement, utilizing Coles Pasture and the football/baseball area.

Bement 7th grader Will Fuson won the boys race and Cerro Gordo runner Jillian Durbin won the girls race. Neither Bement nor Cerro Gordo teams had five girls to register a team score.

Results for the Boys 2-Mile run: Will Fuson (Bement),13:13-1st; Brayden Strack (Bement), 13:16-2nd; Brody Somers (Bement), 13:24-3rd; John Paul Brewer (Bement), 13:38-4th; Caleb Weaver (Cerro Gordo), 13:47-5th; Cliff Strack (Bement), 14:23-6th; Tyce Alumbaugh (Bement), 14:45-7th; Joe Schum (Bement), 15:12-8th; Brenden Puckett Cerro Gordo), 15:29-9th; Cole Somers (Bement), 16:05-10th; Coleton Barger (Cerro Gordo), 16:42-11th; Mark Aubert (Cerro Gordo), 16:43-12th; Michael Freese (Cerro Gordo), 17:09-13th; Ian Hawk (Cerro Gordo),17:15-14th; Eli Corpus (Cerro Gordo), 18:15-15th; and Jack Hentz (Cerro Gordo), 20:52-16th.

Results for the BoysTeam 2-Mile run: Bement Middle School Boys 16, Total Time: 1:07:54.00 and Average: 13:34.80 and Cerro Gordo Junior High Boys 47, Total Time: 1:19:50.00 and Average: 15:58.00

Girls 2-Mile run results: Jillian Durbin Cerro Gordo)-1st; Mariah Corpus (Cerro Gordo)-2nd; Jazlyn Howell (Cerro Gordo)-3rd; Mariss Gentry (Cerro Gordo)-4th; Addie Roberts (Bement)-5th; and Cassie Block (Bement)-6th.

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