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Bement Hosts Middle/High School Bulldog Run 2020

The Bement Bulldog run, originally scheduled for Tuesday September 8, was postponed by one day due to inclement weather and held on Wednesday, September 9.The course consisted of a one-mile loop that the high school runners repeated three times and the middle school runners two times.

Okaw Valley’s Dominic Herold won the boys high school 3-mile run with a time of 18:14 and the girls high school 3-mile run winner was Tori Turnbaugh of Sullivan with a time of 22:11.

Results for the high school boys 3-mile run included Jacob Stoerger (Bement), 19:48-11th; Jessee Quick (Bement), 20:59-18th; Kade Alumbaugh (Bement), 21:39-20th; John Freese (Cerro Gordo), 22:44- 24th; Evan Fogerson (Bement) 22:50-25th; Jarret Lents (Cerro Gordo), 22:56-26th; Curtis Kalk (Bement), 23:16-27th; Aidan Marshall (Bement), 29:55-35th; and Kyle Dobson (Cerro Gordo), 35:47-36th place.

The Bement boys team came in fourth place with a total time of 1:48:32:00 behind Sullivan in 3rd place with a total time of 1:50:48:00, Argenta-Oreana placing 2nd with a total time of 1:43:29:00, and Okaw Valley in 1st place with a total time of 1:36:49:00.
Girls high school results were Haley Garrett (Bement), 26:33-11th; Caroline Hill (Bement), 26:34 -12th; and Hannah Hayes (Cerro Gordo), 30:05-16th place.

Middle school boys 2-mile race results included Caleb Weaver (Cerro Gordo), 13:39-4th; Brayden Strack (Bement), 13:42-5th; Brody Somers (Bement), 13:49-7th; Will Fuson (Bement), 14:15-11th; Cliff Strack (Bement), 14:15-12th; John Paul Brewer (Bement) 14:16-13th;Tyce Alumbaugh (Bement), 14:43-15th; Mark Aubert (Cerro Gordo), 15:51-21st; Kole Somers (Bement), 16:18-25th; Joe Schum (Bement), 16:24-26th; Michael Freese (Cerro Gordo), 16:37-27th; Eli Corpus (Cerro Gordo), 17:43-30th; Brenden Puckett (Cerro Gordo), 17:50-31st; and Jack Hentz (Cerro Gordo), 18:31-32nd.

The Bement boys middle school team placed first with 42 points and had a total time of 1:10:17:00, Okaw Valley in second with 47 points and a total time of 1:12:34:00, Chrisman came in third with 70 points and a total time of 1:16:14:00, Cerro Gordo place fourth as a team with 94 points and a total time of 1:21:40:00 and Central A&M was fifth with 97 points and a total time of 1:27:24:00.

Girls middle school 2-mile race results were Gabby Block (Bement), 16:18-8th; Jillian Durbin (Cerro Gordo), 16:27-9th; Mariah Corpus (Cerro Gordo), 16:44-11th; Mariss Gentry (Cerro Gordo), 18:28-16th; Addie Roberts (Bement), 20:01-19th; and Cassie Block (Bement), 20:11-22nd.

High school teams that participated included host Bement, Cerro Gordo, Argenta-Oreana, Chrisman, Central A&M, Sullivan, Okaw Valley, and Tri-County.

Middle school teams participating were host Bement, Cerro Gordo, Chrisman, Central A&M, Okaw Valley, Tri-County and Decatur LSA.

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