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Entire Atwood Village Board Up for Election

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Being a village president or village trustee requires dedication and commitment to the village or city you serve. This next spring will be the election for our local board. The Atwood Village Board has had many ups and downs the past couple years, and all of the board members have been appointed. This time around the entire board will have to run for the important positions for the Village of Atwood.

Positions available are as follows: Village President (2-year unexpired term). After the two years has expired, it will return to four years. Next will be three (3) trustees (two-year unexpired terms), three (3) trustees (4-year terms). The position of village clerk is also up for re-election.

The Village of Hammond positions up for election are as follows: Village President (4-year term), three (3) trustees (4-year terms).

The first day to pick up petitions was September 22 and the last day to file will be December 14. Anyone interested should check with the Village Clerk in their town.

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