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Bement hosts dual cross country meet, two senior members honored

Bement Cross Country Seniors Honored. The Bement Bulldog’s cross country seniors, Curtis Kalk and Jessee Quick were recognized before their home meet last Thursday on a warm fall afternoon as they hosted Argenta-Oreana. Pictured are: Curtis and Carol Kalk along with Joyce, Jessee, and Jim Quick. The seniors from Argenta-Oreana were also honored as they were unable to have a senior night as the season comes to an end. A great crowd was on hand to honor the Seniors and cheer on both teams. Not pictured was Clint Kalk.

As the cross country season is coming to a close for 2020, Bement hosted a dual meet on a very warm fall afternoon with the Bombers from Argenta-Oreana. The two seniors for Bement, Curtis Kalk and Jessee Quick along with their parents were recognized before the start of the meet. Seniors from Argenta-Oreana were also recognized as they were unable to have a senior recognition at a home meet.

Finishing in 2nd place was Jacob Stoerger for Bement with a time of 19:18. Teammates Jessee Quick, Kade Alumbaugh, Evan Fogerson, Curtis Kalk, and Aidan Marshall placed 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th respectively with times of 20:23, 21:46, 23:04, 23:46, and 26:45.

The Bement boys team scored 27 points to Argenta-Oreana’s 28 points.

Bement’s Caroline Hill finished in 3rd place and Hailey Garrett came in 5th.

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