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Students from Cerro Gordo and Bement Volunteered As Election Judges

Cerro Gordo Seniors Riley Brandenburg, Luke Dobson, and Haven Daly working as election judges.

Bement Senior Curtis Kalk working as election judge.

Staff Writer

Tuesday, November 3 may seem like eons ago but it was just this week. We may still not know the results of the Presidential election, but perhaps might by the time this is published. In the meantime, meet four students that decided to become election judges. I asked each student the same questions. Here are there responses:

Why did you decide to become an election judge?

Luke Dobson: “Well I thought it would be a really good experience because I am not 18 yet, so I haven’t been able to go inside and vote before, so it is kinda cool to see how it is done.”

Riley Brandenburg: “I am going to school for political science, so it is kinda in the same playing field. Kinda an interesting experience to be a part of.  I am going to Illinois College, and then transfer to law school.”

Haven Daly: “I thought the experience would be really cool. I didn’t really pay any attention to politics until I got to my government class and thought it would be cool to see how it all goes down. Also, a good opportunity for scholarships and stuff.”

Curtis Kalk: “I wanted to see what it was like, but I also wanted to get paid from it because I heard you get paid from it. That’s nice. Other than that it’s been interesting so far. “

“I have been handing out ballots, helping people put ballots in the machine, having people sign their name and verify their address and all that, marking off names, and sanitizing.”

Would You Do it Again?

Luke Dobson: “In the future I think I would try to do it again. I have had fun so far.”

Riley Brandenburg: “Yes, but honestly next year I will be in college so may not be possible. But, when I am older? Yes, I will do it again.”

Haven Daly: “Maybe. I am not opposed to doing it again.”

Curtis Kalk: “Yeah, it’s not that bad.”

What did you learn that you did not expect?

Luke Dobson: “I have learned problem solving as a group. I would say, always call back to the county clerk’s office if you have any questions to make sure everything is okay.”

Riley Brandenburg: “I definitely learned and understand the voting process a little better because I have never seen an official ballot before today because I am not 18. So now whenever I go I will know how to do it a little better. All I know is what has been explained, but never had seen it.”

Haven Daly “I didn’ think there were so many rules, that everything has to be so specific. Even just filling in your bubble has to be perfect. I didn’t think it was so specific.” “Yeah, it’s really a long day, but it has gone by pretty quickly and …it is honestly really cool to see how it is all done. Good experience, especially because I wasn’t very familiar with politics.”

Curtis Kalk: “14 hours is a lot.”

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