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United Church of Atwood Bell Tower 40 Years Old

United Church of Atwood Bell Tower Today

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

For Whom the Bells Toll? They toll for the members of the United Church of Atwood and all residents of the community to attend church services. Forty (40) years ago (December 20, 1980) the new bell tower was erected by members of the church and employees of Hoke Construction.

Placing and working on the bells were Frank Bragg, Dan Wierman, Wayne Schable and Gayle Schable of the United Church; and Darrell Eveland, Gene Clapp and Pat Clifford from Hoke.

The small bell is from the former Methodist Church; the medium bell was purchased after the churches were united, and the large bell is from the West Side U.C.C. Church.

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