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Principal Expresses His Excitement With 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

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For a while now, Junior and High School Principal Jeremy Rodebuagh has been on a mission to get a chromebook in every student’s hands. The initial part of the intitiave is complete. Now, every single 7th and 10th grader have their own Chromebook which will be their own school electronic device.

“Us starting that initiative with every, every seventh and 10th grader now has their very own school issue computer that they will have through graduation. I’m excited about the direction that is heading for our school. And what that does for us.”

Superintendent Brett Robinson’s Report

Every year the board holds a truth in taxation hearing to approve a rate higher than 5 percent. The agreement is to ask for what is likely to be given, so the district does not possibly loose out on funding. “There was no public present no public participation or correspondence.

Okay. I made a presentation of the tax levy there were no changes from what I had presented at the November meeting a form of estimated amounts by fund.” stated Robinson. He added later that the property tax rate should decrease, “Actually the tax rate will go down, I believe he known until May but I believe that our tax rate will be lower, next year than it was this year so like the tax rate, I, you know, and let’s say it was, um, you know, in the $4.66, per $100 of EAV. This past year, I anticipate it will be lower than the $4.66, and it was last year for this year.”

The board set the levy for this year at $3,210,285. Robinson reminded readers that is for all funds with the exception of Debt Service. For Debt Service the boar approved a levy of $ 761,795.

He added that not all bonds are paid for by property taxes. “This would be a good time for me to insert the difference in those that are very close to one of the action items that occurred that I’ll come to later. One of the bonds that we have is an alternate revenue source, one. So it is not paid by property taxes.Paid by county school facilities sales tax funds. So, we have to list it on the levy, and then we turn around and ask the county clerk to abate, or eliminate the amount for that particular bond because we already have those funds on hand from the sale.”

Robinson stated they are seeing an increase of 7.5 percent and 11.4 percent for debt service. He added thought that the two combined together decrease the levy increase as one of the bonds is paid for through Piatt sales tax, not property taxes. “And if you kind of combine those two together. So all forms except debt service but then add in debt service. The difference between last May’s extension, and this year’s Levy, combining those things together, was an 8.28% increase.”

Now, the district will only receive what property values are assessed as far as collecting property taxes go. Robinson stes he does not anticipate even an 8.2 percent, but legally the district is allowed the maximum amount with property taxes and if they do not levy higher than 5 percent they could potentially lose out on that money. “Let’s say that that value that we are estimating at 8.28 is in reality, more like three or 4 percent. We’re going to get three or 4 percent and we’re not going to get 8.28.” Adding, hypothetically, “But if the assessors estimates that they give us here in November and December would happen to fall short, and we asked for three or 4 percent, and actually came in at 8%, We wouldn’t receive the 8 percent,, and we would because we didn’t ask for 8 percent.”

Robinson believes the tax rate will decrease, but will not know until May when property values are assessed.

“One thing that the board does is, you know, we’re trying to absolutely do the very best with the funds that we get for the education of the students, and at the same time, we try to be fair, and cognizant not unnecessarily increasing.”

As for the ongoing BLDD brick masonry refacing, Robinson states he anticipates open bids out by February. The wall they were considering using as a mural may become and interlocking “CG” more than likely on the South wall by the current band room facing the football field.

“So, it’s gonna be like a stone square panel, and inside the stone square panels, it’s going to go, you know, the inset into the wreck will be an interlocking CG.”

Other News and Information:

•Students of the Month: High School, Luke Dobson; 8th grade, Kaleb Weaver; 7th grade, Landon Calhoun (no students present)

•The board adopted resolution abating the tax levied for the year 2020 approved

•Debt Service on Series 2017B Alternate Revenue Bonds

•Approval of 2020 Certificate of Tax Levy

•Approval of BLDD Architects, Inc for the Gym Building Masonry refacing, and window replacement approved

•Approval of authorization for Superintendent to solicit bids for the Cerro Gordo Masonry Project

•Reading of first IASB policy changes approved

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