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Bill Fleming Joins Atwood Village Board as New Trustee

Atwood Village President Davey Herring welcomed Bill Fleming as a new village trustee on February 8.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Bill Fleming was sworn in as a new trustee for the Village of Atwood at the regular meeting of the board on Monday, February 8.

Fleming replaced Heather O’Connor who resigned her position as chairperson of finance. Fleming was sworn in by Village Clerk Nancy Wierman.

In O’Connor’s letter of resignation, she stated that she did not have the time and attention the position requires. She states, “This season of life is full of family commitments and working my business.” O’Connor served as chairperson of finance and said that ultimately, she should be more involved in the day-to-day operations at the Municipal Building, and should know the ins and outs of the treasurer. O’Connor said that she hoped her replacement can spend time learning these things. She continued, “I also urge him/her to curtail the excess spending we have seen in the last year, and think of the long-term success of the village when presented with continuous requests for budget adjustments. A healthy General Fund is of paramount importance.” O’Connor thanked the board for their time and help as she learned what she was doing. She wished them well as the board continues to make improvements to “our great village.”

The board approved expenditures in the amount of $7,195.21.

Trustee Chris Stoltz said new LED bulbs have been put in two existing light poles on N. Juniper and one on N. Missouri and it has made a big difference. She thanked Ameren for helping them out.

Stoltz, Chair of the Police Committee, stated that the Atwood Police have been making a few trips around Hammond in order to help the town out following their unfortunate happenings. This was the Village of Atwood’s way of helping a neighboring village and Chief Bross was glad to help out.

Trustee Allen Kilber discussed the removal of 12 trees and some stumps in the village at a cost of $10,816. Kilber said the money is budgeted and will come from a Street & Alley miscellaneous fund. The work will be done by Trimmed Up Trees. The trees are old and need to come down before they fall and cause damage to someone’s property. The following is a list of where the trees are located and the work to be done:

•302 N. Iowa – 1 dead maple tree & 2 stumps (tree removal & stump grinding)

•306 N. Iowa – Cut out dead wood in elm tree (tree trimming)

•337 N. Iowa – dead ash tree & stump north of house, remove couple dead branches in second ash tree (tree removal & stump grinding)

•404 N. Iowa – remove sick ash tree & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

•418 N. Iowa – remove sick ash tree & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

•416 N. Main – remove sick ash tree & stump, remove broken limb in second tree (tree removal & stump grinding)

•125 W. Forest – small stump (stump grinding)

•223 W. Forest – install cable in Hack-berry tree with split in trunk (cabling)

•223 W. Forest – remove half dead maple tree & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

•410 N. Missouri – remove bad maple tree & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

•312 S. Main – remove small maple tree & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

•224 E. Cedar – remove Kentucky Coffee tree leaning toward garage & stump (tree removal & stump grinding)

Scott Harris commented that he thinks the village should contact the homeowners prior to having the work done and let them know what is going on. He also said tree work should be a line item in next year’s budget. This should be for trees removed & planted and grinding of stumps. The board agreed with this suggestion.

The next meeting of the board will be held on Monday, March 8, at 7 p.m.

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