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CGB Cheerleaders, Band, and Football Senior Night

Senior Night. The Cerro Gordo Bement Senior cheerleaders, band, and football members along with their parents were introduced prior to the Homecoming football game on Friday night April 9. They are Hannah Hayes, daughter of Libby and Steve Hayes; Hailey Gadbury, daughter of Tim and Stacy Gadbury; Macaylynn Gant, daughter of Katherine and Sean Gant; Alexis Parrish, daughter of Bryce Parrish and Erin Williams; Tori Vandivier, daughter of Carla and Brian Vandivier; Blaine Burns, son of Ronnie and Jody Burns; Tyler Cullison, son of Andrea and Matt Cullison; Sam Dalton, son of Sarah Lawson and Todd Dalton; Brogun Davis, son of Christy Rickman and John Davis; Weslei Harper, son of Jennifer and Justin Harper; and Jacob Rogers, son of Kevin Rogers and Stephanie and Steve Cadwell.


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