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ALAH JH Boys Track Teams Host Arcola and Villa Grove

Parker Beck, left and Dylan Ingersoll race down the straightaway in the seventh grade 200 meter dash at the home meet held last Thursday. The seventh grade squad would finish in first place in the team standings beating both Arcola and Villa Grove.


The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Jr. High boys track played hosts to Arcola and Villa Grove on Thursday, April 15. These same two teams were part of a five team meet the week before. This time the seventh grade took first in the team standings while the eighth grade again took second.

For the seventh grade, Payton Warrior won three individual events, the 100, 200 and 400 meters and Cruz Hale took firsts in both the long jump and the 1600 meters. The 400 meter relay team of Brayden Leech, Bryan Martinez, Cash Hale and Cruz Hale claimed first in that event and the 1600 meter relay was also victorious. The members of that relay were Easton Frederick, Tristan Keagle, Preston Gingerich and Brennon Hutson.

For the eighth grade, Dalton Vanausdoll was the lone individual event winner taking first in the discus. The eighth graders did win both the 800 and 1600 meter relays. Runners on the 800 meter relay were Alex Rexroad, Easton Frederick, Maddix Stirrett and Coye Grant. The 1600 meter relay was run by Dalton Vanausdoll, Alex Rexroad, Cruz Hale and Colin Smith.

This was the last home meet for the jr high track teams. They are scheduled to run at Stewardson Strasburg on April 19 and Tuscola on the 22nd.

7th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results
vs. Arcola & Villa Grove
April 15, 2021

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 65; 2. Arcola 57; 3. Villa Grove 17

Shot Put: Bryan Martinez 24’ 11”, Second; Nick Hubster, 22’ 0.5”;

Discus: Kamden Morfey 66’ 5”, Second; Bryan Martinez 66’ 3”, Third; Dustin Hodge 33’ 8”;

High Jump: Tyler Lisanby 3’ 8”, Fourth; Cash Hale 3’ 8”;

Long Jump: Cruz Hale 13’ 4”, First; Tristan Keagle 12’ 0”; Coye Grant 11’ 6”; Preston Gingerich 11’ 0”;

110 M Hurdles: Easton Frederick 20.01, Second;

100M: Payton Warrior 13.06, First; Brayden Leech 13.64, Third; Bryan Martinez 14.35, Fourth; Easton Frederick 14.35, Fourth; Owen Herring 15.46; Dylan Ingersoll 17.26; Parker Beck 18.31;

200M: Payton Warrior 26.7, First; Brayden Leech 29.28, Third; Cash Hale 31.03, Fourth; Owen Herring 33.0; Tyler Lisanby 34.33; Dylan Ingersoll 38.89; Parker Beck 39.63;

400M: Payton Warrior 1:14.22, First; Preston Gingerich 1:15.44, Second; Tristan Keagle 1:23.19, Third; Brennon Hutson 1:24.39;

800M: Coye Grant 3:07.46, Third;

1600M: Cruz Hale 5:55.51, First; Coye Grant 6:37.58, Second;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 57.43, First (Brayden Leech, Bryan Martinez, Cash Hale, Cruz Hale)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:16.28, Second (Tyler Lisanby, Brennon Hutson, Preston Gingerich, Coye Grant)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:25.64, First(Easton Frederick, Tristan Keagle, Preston Gingerich, Brennon Hutson)

8th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results
vs. Arcola & LSA
April 15, 2021

Team results: 1. Arcola 54; 2.Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 42; 3. Villa Grove 36

Shot Put: Dalton Vanausdoll 38’ 8.25”, Second; Colin Smith 31’ 2”, Third;

Discus: Dalton Vanausdoll 101’ 3”, First; Colin Smith 59’ 1”;

High Jump: Ryan Appleby 4’ 4”, Fourth; Maddix Stirrett 4’ 0”;

Long Jump: None

110 M Hurdles: Ryan Appleby 19.82, Second;

100M: Trey Collins 12.76, Second; Mitiku Appleby 13.50, Fourth; Maddix Stirrett 14.02;

200M: Trey Collins 28.37, Third; Zach Thompson 28.39, Fourth;

400M: Alex Rexroad 1:04.66, Second;

800M: None

1600M: Alex Rexroad 5:39.59, Second; Colin Smith 6:04.85, Third; Caden Binder 6:05.95, Fourth;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 51.5, Second (Trey Collins, Mitaku Appleby, Payton Warrior, Dalton Vanausdoll)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:02.58, First (Alex Rexroad, Easton Frederick, Maddix Stirrett, Ryan Appleby)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:28.09, First (Colin Smith, Alex Rexroad, Dalton Vanausdoll, Cruz Hale)

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