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ALAH Jr. High Girls Track Teams Win Home Triangular

Amelia Shonkwiler takes the baton from Sierra Binion in the eighth grade 1600 meter relay at the home meet last week. The other members of this relay that won the event were Reece Oye and Olivia Binion. The eighth grade team also took first place in the team standings over Arcola and Villa Grove.


The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond jr. high girls track teams were hosts to Arcola and Villa Grove on Thursday, April 15. Both the seventh and eighth grade teams came out on top in the team scoring. Both Arcola and Villa Grove were competing with smaller numbers than the previous meet due to jr. high basketball season going on at the same time.

Maleyna Vanausdoll competing in the eighth grade division won two events, the 100 and 200 meters. Individual winners for the eighth grade were Skyler Vorck in the long jump; Lillian Edwards in the 100 meter hurdles; and Sierra Binion in the 800 meters. All three relays were victorious. The 800 meter relay team members were Skyler Vorck, Addi Rohr, Josie Carillo, and Maleyna Vanausdoll. Avery Alexander, Kaylee McDaniel, Reece Oye and Amelia Shonkwiler made up the 400 meter relay. The 1600 meter relay runners were Olivia Binion, Reece Oye, Sierra Binion and Amelia Shonkwiler.

In the seventh grade division, there were three double event winners, Alex Clark won the shot put and discus; Leighton Poulos, the long jump and 400 meters; and Ruby Burton, the 800 and 1600 meters. Cassidy Rohacs won the 100 meter hurdles, and Adyson Cusick took first in the 200 meters. As in the eighth grade, ALAH won the three relay races. The 800 meter relay runners were Gracie Romine, Cassidy Rohacs, Adyson Cusick and Olivia Binion. Running the 400 meter relay were Eme Greathouse, Skie James, Chloe Smith and Brookleyn Peeler. Gracie Romine, Leighton Poulos, Maleyna Vanausdoll and Ruby Burton ran the 1600 meter relay.

The track teams are on the road for the rest of the season with meets at Stewardson Strasburg on April 20 and Tuscola the 22nd.

7th Grade Girls Team and Individual Results
vs. Arcola & Villa Grove
April 15, 2021

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 94; 2. Arcola 10; 3. Villa Grove 6;

Shot Put: Alex Clark 24’ 1”, First; Ashby Coblentz 19’ 0.5”, Third; Chloe Custer 16’ 8.5”, Fourth;

Discus: Alex Clark 72’ 6”, First; Ashby Coblentz 39’ 4”, Third; Chloe Custer 38’ 0”, Fourth;

High Jump: Cassidy Rohacs 3’ 8”, Second; Skie James 3’ 6”, Third;

Long Jump: Leighton Poulos 12’ 7”, First; McKenna Blaudow 10’ 3”, Fourth;

100 M Hurdles: Cassidy Rohacs 20.43, First; McKenna Blaudow 22.39, Third; Ruby Burton 22.78, Fourth; Kimberly Krutsinger 28.52;

100M: Brookleyn Peeler 16.63, Third; Ashby Coblentz 16.7, Fourth; Chloe Smith 18.06; Laci Bartley 18.49; Esmerelda Diaz 18.53; Kate Wiley 19.35;

200M: Adyson Cusick 34.65, First; Brookleyn Peeler 35.0, Second; Esmerelda Diaz 39.78, Third; Eme Greathouse 41.57, Fourth; Kate Wiley 42.59;

400M: Leighton Poulos 1:17.57, First; Reece Oye 1:17.76, Second; McKenna Blaudow 1:20.37, Third; Kimberly Krutsinger 1:21.71 Fourth; Skie James 1:37.6;

800M: Ruby Burton 2:53.68, First; Kimberly Krutsinger 3:25.7, Second;

1600M: Ruby Burton 6:07.91, First

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:05.71, First (Eme Greathouse, Skie James, Chloe Smith, Brookleyn Peeler)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond, First (Gracie Romine, Cassidy Rohacs, Adyson Cusick, Olivia Binion)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:13.15, First (Gracie Romine, Leighton Poulos, Maleyna Vanausdoll, Ruby Burton)

8th Grade Girls Team and Individual Results
vs. Arcola & Villa Grove
April 15, 2021

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 56; 2. Villa Grove 15; 3. Arcola 13;

Shot Put: None

Discus: None

High Jump: None

Long Jump: Skyler Vorck 13’ 10”, First;

100 M Hurdles: Lillian Edwards 25.44, First;

100M: Maleyna Vanausdoll 13.95, First; Skyler Vorck 14.31; Second; Addi Rohr 15.52, Third; Avery Alexander 16.34, Fourth;

200M: Maleyna Vanausdoll 29.82, First; Gracie Romine 30.59, Second; Skyler Vorck 30.96, Third; Addi Rohr 32.74; Kaylee McDaniel 34.63; Olivia Binion 34.71;

400M: None

800M: Sierra Binion 3:15.4, First; Perla Juarez Cuevas 4:09.29, Second; Lillian Edwards 4:10.53, Third;

1600M: None

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:10.4, First (Avery Alexander, Kaylee McDaniel, Reece Oye, Amelia Shonkwiler)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:04.65, First (Skyler Vorck, Addi Rohr, Josie Carillo, Maleyna Vanausdoll)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:39.21, First (Olivia Binion, Reece Oye, Sierra Binion, Amelia Shonkwiler)

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