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Atwood Village Board Authorizes Repairs to Atwood Ball Diamonds

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The Atwood Village Board met on Thursday, April 1, for a special meeting to discuss purchasing materials to complete the ball diamonds for the A-H Youth League.

Following discussion, the board voted on the following:

$1,875 for crushed brick at $75 per ton for 25 ton.

$500 for delivery

$600 for machine rental to apply the brick to the field

$740 for a walk-behind drag for the fields

Up to $1,512 + tax & delivery for the yellow safety fence top cap

This brings the total to a little over $5,000 for purchases for the diamonds at the Atwood Park. These are repairs to the diamonds that have been needed for some time. The northwest diamond will be used by the ALAH girls’ softball team.

Many of the repairs or additions have been made at the time of this writing. The league will be assisting with the labor.

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