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Arthur Christian School Sports Scoreboard

Girls Varsity Soccer

Michael Robey, Head Coach
Arthur Christian Girls Varsity Soccer –
NACA (National Association Christian Athletes) Girls Soccer National Tournament
Location: Camp Jordan, East Ridge, TN

Game One Final Score

Arthur Christian 0
James River (Powhaten, VA) 2

GK Saves: Halie Rhoades 9; Liana Kauffman 8

Game Two Final Score

Arthur Christian 0
Virginia Academy (Ashburn, VA) 4

GK Saves: Halie Rhoades 4; Liana Kauffman 3

Game Three Final Score

Arthur Christian 0
Providence Athletic Club (Lexington, SC) 6

GK Saves: Halie Rhoades 17

Game Four Final Score

Arthur Christian 0
Beach Breakers (Chesapeake, VA) 4

GK Saves: Liana Kauffman 5; Libby Henry 5

Record: 1-4-2

Tournament Recap: “I am extremely proud of how hard our girls competed. We knew the level of competition would be very high with multiple past National Champions on our game schedule and these teams were definitely elite. Our team did a really good job of dealing with completely different styles of play than we are use to in our area and I feel like we did a good job of adapting and learning from game to game. We also quickly learned that all of these teams had played a full season prior to this tournament so that made the challenge even greater with us only having 3 games under our belt for the past two years. Our defense did a great job under relentless pressure especially our goalkeepers and unfortunately our offense just did not get the ball enough to get a rhythm going. We are very thankful for this experience and look forward to the rest of our season.” Coach Robey

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