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Cerro Gordo Village Board Meets and Discusses New Possible Board President

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During the April Municipal elections, no one ran for Mayor. Two new trustees were elected: Nick Hyde and Penny Snokes, but the board is once again without an elected Mayor. During the next meeting they will choose a temporary interim board President. Trustee Jim Henderson was approached by current Board President (and trustee) Linda Ash. Henderson expressed interest, “If you guys would like to support me to be your mayor, I would take it for a term and see how it goes. I’m not going to promise that I’m going to stick around for 10, 12, 15 years because I don’t know.”

Adding what he sees as the major needs, “I think we have some areas of infrastructure that we need to be looking at to get some financing for drainage and the water plan. Our water plant is not getting any younger. That equipment is not going to repair itself.”

Finishing with, “So we definitely need to be looking at our infrastructure, and see what other funds might be out there somewhere. and I’m looking for grants, I don’t want anything that we have to pay back.”

Adding, “I think we’re doing well with what we’ve got so far…They did an excellent job through 2020 holding the line. I mean, I was really impressed the other day when we went through that budget and I saw how many positives we had, you know, and it was just, it was great. We’ve got a good team, and we need to work on keeping the team together and keeping everybody going.”

The ongoing water main project in Cerro Gordo is set to begin construction work in May. The village will be updated about the work during the next board meeting.

The board approved an amendment to the Right of Way Ordinance. It only erases the application fee of $200.

The board approved an increase of six percent for full time village employees, 1.7% for Jeff, and raise to $12/hour for part two part time employees.

Park and Recreation days are back this year. With last year due to COVID restrictions, the Park Board had to cancel it. It will begin on June 7 and run until July 9 or 16. It is a daily free morning program for children in the area. They will be adhering to COVID guidelines.

There was a lot of discussion from the Legion and the Board about the property in between the Legion and the Scout Hall. It is a small piece of land, and the Legion offered a $100 summer lease to the board.

Gary Schaffer spoke before the board, “I’m Gary Schaffer for the record on the finance officer for the American Legion post, held that position for many years…the American Legion shows some interest in short term lease on the vacant lot…We would like to make an offer to village center $100 a year, which is negotiable. We would mow the grass and maintain it.”

As for the purpose, Schaffer stated, “We expect to have uses for for public events that may require extra parking or outdoor accommodations.”

Trustees Beth Medlen and Joe Frydenger were concerned that offering a lease to one entity may cause issues with other entities wanting to use it. They both have expressed interest in showing movies with a projector in that area this summer. “The goals are all the same about the community using the property about maybe this or that, you know, whether it’s the scouts or whether it’s stuff that you know, Joe and I come up with, you know, ideas, I think we’re all on the same page.”

Board President Linda Ash stated for the proposition, “I don’t see people coming up and asking what are they going to do over there? I mean, you’re hindered by that train track over there. I mean, every half hour, there’s train roaring through town,” Adding, “Can’t imagine anybody wants to set up a tent there and have a wedding reception there.”

The board voted 3-3 for the proposition, so it failed.

The liquor licenses for the Piatt County Fair Grounds, and the The Depot Bar, LLC were approved. The Piatt County Fair is set to take place June 17-20.The Depot will also be hosting a Jeep Run for Bobby Schaffer on May 1. All benefits go to the medical needs for the Schaffer family.

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