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For the first time, the ALAH High School invited retired staff members for a cookout at the high school with the Senior class. It gave the former teachers and staff members a chance to visit with the soon to be graduates of the Class of 2021. A delicious menu from Pauly’s, sponsored by Masterbrand, and the school also cooked burgers and hot dogs on the new grill made by the Ag Mech class were enjoyed by all. Lots of stories were shared and remembered. Pictured here are the retirees who attended. From left to right: Beth Singer, high school secretary; Suzy Crawford, AGS preschool; Sally McCarthy, AGS kindergarten teacher; Don McCarthy, AGS P.E. teacher and coach; Deb Flavin, ALAH high school Spanish; Karen Hayford, AHGS kindergarten; and Lynn Marner, AGS secretary.

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