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Superintendent explains CUSD 305 charges on Piatt County Real Estate Taxes

Piatt County Families:

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Spring weather. We are looking forward to wrapping up another school year and moving into the Summer months. I’m reaching out to you as we have been receiving a few questions related to the real estate bills and I thought it might be advantageous to simply provide some information to answer any questions that others may have but have not reached out to ask.

Your real estate tax bill is slightly higher this year versus last year partly based on levy amounts set to pay existing refunding bonds issued in 2014. When bonds are issued, the county sets a payment schedule that dictates the amount of the levy each year for the life of the bond. Once the county collects the levied amounts, they distribute the money to the appropriate taxing bodies, such as the school district.

Last Summer an error was discovered during the district’s audit process. In 2020, Piatt County failed to levy the correct amount for the 2014 bonds. Due to this error the district did not receive the appropriate amount of money to make the bond payment we are required to make. The only way the county has to fix the error is by adjusting this year’s tax bill. Due to this, there is a slight increase in your bill this year to make up for what was not levied last year.

In 2020 the levy should have been at a rate around .47, instead the levy was issued at .21506 (a difference of .25492). This year the amount of the levy is .42047 plus the difference from last year .25492. Had the levy been issued correctly last year, there would have actually been a slight decrease this year.

If you have further questions or need further clarification, please contact the district office at 217-543-2511.

Thank you and have a great rest of your week.

Mr. Shannon Cheek

Arthur CUSD 305 Superintendent

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