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Village of Hammond water detention tank was installed on Friday morning, June 18. This is part of the water improvements for the Village that started in March. Other improvements include new water mains and looping dead end water mains and replacing some older water meters and fire hydrants. The detention tank will have an aerator installed on top that puts air in the water so the iron can separate from the water. The detention tank gives it time to separate the iron. The Village Board has been working on this big project to improve the water system for approximately 3-4 years when they applied for a loan and grants to help with the project. They were approved by USDA in December 2020. The total cost of the project was $970,000. The loan the board received was $400,000 and they received $570,000 in grant money. The projected completion date is August. Contractors for the project is A&R Contractors of Champaign. Engineers are Upchurch Group, Inc. The tank was manufactured by Artesian of Pioneer of Pioneer, OH.

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