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ALAH District adopts Mystery Science and OpenSciEd Curriculum for K-8

Board approves insurance coverage plans

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At the opening of the school board meeting this past Thursday, June 17, parent Stephanie Madis spoke during “public comment,” requesting that masks be made optional for the children in school. “ISBE is giving a recommendation and it isn’t a law,” she stated during her brief statement. She also showed a photo published in the Windsor newspaper where it showed children in a library sitting around each other unmasked. The board thanked her for her statements.

“We received two donations this month. One was from Masonic Lodge ($3,000) and the other Masterbrand ($1,200) which totaled $4200. We are very grateful for that,” stated Superintendent Cheek.

The board approved and adopted Mystery Science and OpenSciEd for K-8. Mystery Science offers open and go lessons that inspire kids to love science. The lessons are hands-on and make the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards and support Common Core. Lovington

Junior High Science teacher, Jill Wulff was thanked and recognized for the efforts she made with all of her research and meetings she conducted during the entire process. Wulff expressed that she was excited for the new science curriculum for K-8 which would help lead students into high school.

Recently the district researched some new insurance plans and asked for bids. Cheek informed the board that he had eight different agents contact him.

“Bidding insurance is very difficult and very complex. We had one proposal that appeared to be much cheaper and the second seemed to be very solid, but as you started to have conversations, it seemed cheaper but they didn’t have the same coverage. We wanted to make sure it was equivalent to what we had now,” said Cheek. “We saved about $28,000 by bidding the process out. There were cheaper bids, but they weren’t “apples to apples,” significant. It was well worth the process,” he added. After the bidding process and speaking with the agents, property and general liability insurance from Selective Insurance was approved. Workers Comp Insurance from Starstone was approved and Cyber Liability Insurance from CFC Insurance was approved.

For the next upcoming school year, the district could have the opportunity to do COVID19 testing “in-house,” at the school. Staff members watched a webinar and they also will be speaking with Stacy Shonkwiler from the Douglas County Health Department. Presently the district is looking at two tests. One is the “PCR” test where a sample is taken and then sent off to get the results and has a 24-hour return and the other is the Rapid Test which would be provided by the Douglas County Health Department which would be at no cost to the district. Cheek hoped to have more information at the next board meeting in July.

The principals from the district briefly touched on the graduation ceremonies and talked about how great they went. Many board members spoke on how they enjoyed seeing all of the junior high students combined together in one ceremony. Both graduation ceremonies came together successfully.

“It has been great to see the joy in our kids that we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Thank you for all that you have done to Stephanie, Nathan and Shannon – I don’t think you’ve all slowed down since school ended a few weeks ago,” mentioned board member, Suzi Berkich.

“In the last month or so, it has been nice to feel like things are relatively normal and we have focused on things that are positive. We are looking forward to being instructional leaders instead of managers,” quoted Cheek.

Personnel Report


Recommend for hire Summer school – Heather Leichty

Recommend for hire Summer school – Kayla Huckelby

Board action was to deny a request for extended leave of absence.


Administrative Assistant – resignation, Lisa Hood’s Resignation

Accept Amy Nichols letter of resignation as an Aide at Atwood Hammond Grade School


Recommend for hire Student Council – Trisha Sluder

Recommend for hire NHS – Kendal Huffman

Junior Class Sponsor – Ryan Wood

Accept letter of resignation from Melissa Nichols for high school cheer coach for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

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