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Mt. Zion Odd Fellows and Mt. Zion Boy Scouts Troop 43

The Mt. Zion Odd Fellows were contacted by a Mt. Zion area resident about a handicapped veteran who’s American flag and pole had gotten knocked down. The resident talked about trying to help put the pole back up, but that the wind took it down again. The Mt Zion Odd Fellows met with the veteran, Paul Hagen, a Vietnam war veteran that served with the 1st Cavalry in Vietnam (1966-1967). The Lodge received Paul’s permission to erect a new pole and flag, with a solar light. The Mt. Zion lodge sought the assistance of the Mt. Zion Boy Scouts Troop 43 in posting the new flag. The Boy Scout Leader, Kevin Johnson, asked for and received volunteer Scouts. Kevin said the Boy Scouts were eager to support a veteran and the Mt. Zion Odd Fellows. On July 1, members of the Mt. Zion Odd Fellows completed the flagpole installation, including a new concrete base, 20 foot pole with a top mounted solar light. That same day, the Mt. Zion Boy Scout Troop 43 posted the new American flag, witnessed by by US Army Vietnam veteran Paul Hagen, family, friends and several Mt. Zion Odd Fellows. Paul was very thankful he could see that flag flying again. Family and friends were also pleased and commented about how important that flag was to Paul. The Mt. Zion Odd Fellows are proud to support our veterans and proud of the Mt. Zion Boy Scout Troop 43.

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