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Park and Rec commission appoints new commissioner

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The Village of Mt. Zion’s Park and Recreation commission met on July 27 and appointed a new commissioner for the second time in two meetings and discussed the results of summer classes and activities and an update on the Splash Pad.

At the March meeting Bob Nichols was sworn in to the Parks and Recreation Commission. At this meeting, Brittani Garner took her oath and joined the commission.

Summer Park Days had a better turnout than in recent years. In years past, the daily average for the program was between 14-26 children. This year’s average was 81 peopleincluding 33 participants in the first day. The program took place at Fletcher Park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through June and July. Classes were themed each week and were led by Parks and Recreation Director Tiffany Wilson and Event Coordinator Tiffany Ball. Three events had over 100 participants. Those events were slime making, canvas painting and end of summer ice cream party.

“It (Summer Park Days) just kept growing, which was really exciting,” Wilson said. “We were super happy about the growth.”

All Summer programs such as camps have concluded. The number of participants are as followed: 24 participants in Acrylic Pour Classes, 36 participants in Volleyball, 9 participants in NOK June WINOS, 16 participants in July Crafter’s Paradise and 11 participants each in NOK May and June WINOS.

The Splash Pad update from Wilson included that concrete was poured a couple weeks ago and that they put down fixtures in on July 27. Wilson said the hope is that everything is to be in the ground by this week.

“We have been in the midst of construction right now, which is so exciting,” Wilson said. “Hopefully the rain stays away and everything goes as planned, so we can keep chugging along.”

There were donation opportunities that were in efforts to cover tables and other furniture at the Splash Pad. The total money raised was $24,000.

Ribbon cutting and opening of the Splash Pad is to be determined. Hours of operation are also to be determined.

Other things discussed included that preparation for Fall classes and activities is underway and that the full list will be released in the last week of August or early September.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will meet next on September 26 at 5:15 p.m.

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