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Rajah Memorial Park Is Becoming a Reality

The landscaping around the Rajah sign is continuing.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Excitement builds with the volunteers that have been working hard to make things happen for Rajah Memorial Park. The dedication ceremony for Phase 1 (maybe Phase ½) is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. this Saturday, Aug. 21, at Rajah Park on Magnolia Street, Atwood.

You noticed I said ½? That is because we aren’t as far along as we would like to be for the dedication, but slowly but surely, we will get there. The rain hasn’t helped, we could probably have built a pool.

The American flag will be raised in the Veteran’s area on Saturday and that should give all of us a lift. Also, the Rajah sign is up. It was such a mess, but Joe Dyer has worked hard to make it look better and he will continue to take care of it. Stacy Welch and Marcia DeLong dug the holes (pic. in last week’s issue) and Dale and Jorena McDade refreshed the lettering with black paint and are doing the landscaping around it. They will work on the gold on the Rajah at a later date. Terry Patient donated the paint because it was going to take a while in ordering, and

Jack & Mary Appleby donated the rocks on either side. It will be nice to sit on the rock and get your picture taken.

Some of the bricks will be on display to show you what the walk is going to look like. We were in hopes they would be laid, but it doesn’t look like this is possible. However, work will continue as long as weather permits and volunteers are always needed.

We were a little disappointed by the lack of volunteers who showed up to help with the Rajah pavers, but the ones who have, have been dedicated and wonderful help. There have been several veterans who have helped, and they are always loyal. It is like most things; you do what you can and keep working.

We hope you will make plans to come to the dedication and see what has been done to date to make Rajah Park a reality. Enjoy the Atwood Apple Dumpling Festival!

As a side note, please mark your calendar for the Veterans dedication at Rajah Memorial Park on Veterans Day on November 11.

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