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CGB Broncos ready for football season

CGB wide-receiver Cody Layfield makes a catch during a drill at practice on Saturday, August 14.

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The Cerro Gordo Football team might have only won one of its six games last spring. As the Broncos gear up for their new season the hopes of playoffs and winning the Lincoln Prairie Conference are on head coach Walker and his teams’ goal list.

Last Spring, the Broncos played in tight games and contended in those games. The team lost only a few seniors and is returning a veteran group of multiple seniors and juniors. The freshman though haven’t played since their 7th grade year since there was no JFL season last year.

Coach Walker said that his and his team are very excited for the upcoming season.

When it comes to the freshman, Coach Walker says that they all practice hard and are a very good group. He said that his freshman should make plays on both sides of the football. His lineman are very experienced as most of them are seniors and have been playing all four years.

Two of the seniors, Cody Layfield and Garrett Daniels, shared information on what they worked on during the off-season and other things.

Layfield plays running back and three-safety. His off-season plans included speed training in the gym for five days a week which each lasted two hours. His individual goal is to reach 1,000 rushing yards and for leadership teach the freshman, get them ready for varsity football and make them better.

Daniels plays Tight End an Defensive End. Daniels worked on receiving skills and his speed routes. Daniels wants individually to reach the playoffs, rack up receiving yards and score touchdowns on the field. In terms of leadership, Daniels wants everybody to win and become a family together.

Coach Walker said that this group has been with him for four years and is the second group he had done that.

“I expect them (the seniors) to be leaders on and off the field,” Coach Walker said. ‘They know what we expect as a coaching staff and what we expect as a program. And this year is going to be really I think it’s gonna be an exciting year. As long as everybody stays healthy.”

Coach Walker believes that if everyone on his team stays healthy that his team will have a chance to make the playoffs. He said he would also love to win the Lincoln Prairie Conference Championship so the team wouldn’t travel to Cumberland or other further schools for playoffs.

Coach Walker wanted to tell readers and the community that he thinks his Cerro Gordo Broncos are a good team, They are experienced on the line, in the backfield on offense and on defense,

“I think we’re gonna be a fun team to watch,” Coach Walker said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of expectations on us. We only won one game last spring, but every game we were close in. And I think it’s gonna be a fun year for these kids.”

The Cerro Gordo Broncos start their season against Harrisburg on August 27. Kickoff will be at 7 p.m.

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