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Co-op boys golf ready to compete

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The Arcola and Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond co-op boys golf team is ready for their new season under first-year head coach Greg Gisinger. Coach Gisinger believes success will not only come in performance, but also the kids taking golf with them as they progress in life.

Coach Gisinger and his team learned last year to take things one day at a time when it comes to matches and competition. This year he and his team are excited about playing a regular season and the possibility of playing in the playoffs.

The team consists of two seniors. ALAH senior Kade Herschberger and Arcola senior Alex Kuhns are the two seniors. Coach Gisinger expects his seniors to play consistently in their golf scores as well as helping out the younger guys.

“Even though golf’s a weird game, consistency is the main thing,” Coach Gisinger said. And then in practice and leadership it’s helping young guys understand the rules, help them know and understand the life of play, how to handle stuff on the fours and being a good partner.”

Herschberger’s individual goals are to shoot in the 30s and at the highest golf a score of 45, win conference and advance in the regionals.

“I think our team has the capability to do that,” Herschberge said. “I think we could have a very successful season.”

In terms of leadership, Herschberger wants to be the role model for the younger guys.

Kuhns’ individual goals for this year are to place highly in the conference and qualify for the state tournament. In terms of leadership, Kuhns is passing on what he learned as a younger guy to the new players to help better the program.

In the last two weeks of practice the team had worked on their short game and Coach Gisinger has made it a point to get to know his team more individually. Seeing what motivates them, their goals and what strengths and weaknesses they might have.

Coach Gisinger is not a big “you have to do this to have a successful season.” He measures success on different elements such as the players falling in love with the game of golf and hopefully them playing long into their lives as well as being able to play with his players after they graduate.

Coach Gisinger’s overall message he wanted to send to readers and the community is that you’ll see sportsmanship and that honor the game of golf.

“I think we’re gonna see a successful group of young men who will try their best to win, but also be humble in defeat and do what they can do to get better,” Coach Gisinger. “So, I think just overall a good group of young men last couple weeks and I look forward to seeing what they can do not only this year, but then our next year as a program and after that.”

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