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40th annual Pony Express Days a success

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The 40th Annual Pony Express Days wrapped up on August 22. Everyone that Express Days Steve Williams talked to that ranged from people who helped set up to food vendors to bands to patrons were all glad to see Pony Express Ride again. If Williams had to guess, he would say that the Pony Express Days had between 9,000 – 11,000 people attending over the four days.

According to Williams there was a good crowd for Thursday night’s band the Feudin Hillbillies especially for a school night. Friday night’s crowd for The NATU Band was almost as big as a Saturday night crowd and was described by Williams to be excellent,

On Saturday morning the Mt. Zion Odd Fellows had a large turnout for the Mud Volleyball tournament to support Shoni Anderson and her family. This was followed up by ATV drags and the Max Lovins Band. Both of which, according to Willaims had good turnout for Saturday afternoon and early evening. The Riverbottom Nightmare Band capped off Saturday by bringing another excellent crowd to hear their music.

Another big hit was the armbands for carnival rides that were available all weekend.

“Overall, we were very pleased with the event this year given out one year sabbatical,” Williams said. “It was a very good year and with the exception of a few showers on Saturday morning, we dodged a lot of rain that would keep people away. The weather was warm, but not muddy, so people came out..”

The Mt. Zion Lions Club wanted to thank everyone who participated either by volunteering to help or by coming out and attending all of their events. They hope everyone had a great time and they are looking forward to seeing everyone back in 2022 for the 41st Annual Mt. Zion Lions Club

Pony Express Days.

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