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CGB volleyball about more than the sport

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The Cerro Gordo Bement volleyball team has begun its season, but head coach Victoria Herrmann wants her team to do more than just win games, but take life lessons such as building character away from this season.

Coach Herrmann said it’s encouraging to her and her team to have a somewhat normal season and fans being back.

“Cerro Gordo Bement has a great support system,” Coach Herrmann said. “When we can hear our fans in the stands, it truly motivates the team. It makes the girls realize who/what they are playing for.”

Coach Herrmann is expecting key contributions from junior team captain Lexus Lawhorn and sophomore Ali Walker.

Lawhorn is described as a smart player and handles the ball very well. She will be the starting setter for the Broncos.

Walker is also a player that has already made a huge impact on her team. Coach Herrmann said she always stays calm and collected during a game when her team needs her the most. She makes adjustments as needed and works just as hard off the court as on the court.

Coach Herrmann’s expectation for the leaders on her team is to never lose hope in a game, that every team is beatable, and even if the team is down, there is always a way to come back. Coach Herrmann said that the leaders on the court need to encourage their teammates the same whether they are winning or losing.

The team worked on communication and team chemistry is what was worked on in the off-season.

“If you don’t have those two things, you have six individuals on the court, not a team,” Coach Herrmann said.

Coach Herrmann’s expectations for her team are not about volleyball. At the end of the season, Coach Herrmann wants her team to walk away with more character than they did at the beginning of the season.

“I want them to respect their opponents no matter the outcome of the game,” Coach Herrmann said. “That carries farther into life than the result of a volleyball match. “

The Broncos started their season 0-2. The Broncos next game will be on the road against Altamont on Saturday at 10 a.m.

The overall message Coach Herrmann wanted to send about her team is that they show up to play and aren’t going to give the opposite team an easy game. Their goal is to out-hustle and play faster than any other team.

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