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First facilitation meeting held, committee members elected

Recent uptick in COVID numbers possibly due to homecoming

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At the most recent meeting of the Arthur School Board meeting, Superintendent Shannon Cheek reported that they had received a kickback of $880 from Sarah Bush since students and the community utilize their services. “Eight hundred and eighty dollars is helpful for sure,” said Cheek. He also informed the board that the district received another payment from transportation, but it was for last year.

Cheek informed the board about the Southern Illinois Purchasing Cooperative (SIPC). It provides an opportunity to purchase janitorial items and other supplies through Home Depot. “It may provide us with opportunities that we have not had in the past for janitorial staff,” he stated. There is no cost to join and no strings attached and also provides the district with a free iPad. The iPad will help the staff document areas that are cleaned and find out which tools and concepts work best for cleaning. It will assist in providing feedback visually. “This will provide an opportunity to have some informational data and development for our janitorial staff,” said Cheek. The board voted to move ahead to join into an agreement with SIPC.

During the Superintendent’s Report, Cheek gave some information about a recent uptick at the district. “The uptick was probably related to homecoming, but still I am proud of where we are at on this, because we have been a team and have been on the same page throughout this. But what we have to remember is that we are prone to have positive cases – especially when we have students together,” he said. Cheek also told the board that the district had been sending out weekly reports on all of the data that was collected. As of Friday, October 15, there was 56 students quarantined and 19 positive student cases.

Cheek informed the board that recently they had completed two sessions of PD with their partnership through the ROE. Their work has included identifying priority standards and essential learning objectives. “We will begin to work through Scope and Sequence as well as creating Curriculum Maps. The work is hard but necessary for providing us a roadmap to follow moving forward,” Cheek stated.

On October 13, there was a facilitation team meeting. “I am pretty excited about what the future holds for this group, as well as the community,” said Cheek. There was an introduction of the Committee members: Mr. Damien Schlitt BLDD, Dr. Scott Kuffel – consultant, Jenny Moore, Matthew Schrock, Misty Appleby, Emily Kauffman, Mac Condill, Jon Day, Kevin Huffman, Iris Dicks, Kevin Hilligoss, Ron Eagan, Jason Yeakel, Heather Miller and Co-chairs – Jason Yeakel, Jon Day, and Matthew Schrock. The first community meeting will be November 3 at ALAH at 6:00 pm. Some of the topics they will discuss will include: Review of some of the work that has already been completed, group discussions regarding needs and desired solutions, recommendations regarding starter scenarios, additional scenarios to consider, groups to share out information and then wrap up the meeting and plan for facilitation team meeting number two. “I think we will hit the ground running and will have some solid information to share,” he said.

Towards the end of the meeting, Cheek spent some time thanking those who had been involved and helped with recent activities and events. “I would like to celebrate those who helped or were involved with high school homecoming. We have had to reinvent how we work and what we do, and we reinvented what that looked like. It was a solid week and I am glad and grateful we were able to give our kids that experience. From what I heard, it was really really good. So thank you for the work that you put in leading to that” he said gratefully.

“Next, I want to thank the administrators for the work they do for COVID. I know it’s frustrating. I hear the tiredness and frustration in your voice and I know that doesn’t go unrecognized. But thank you. The work you are doing is why we are still here,” Cheek said with appreciation.

“Thanks to all our coaches and sponsors for all the work we are able to provide for our kids. We want to connect our kids to our schools and that is a way to do that. I am grateful we have been able to finish a somewhat normal season,” Cheek said happily.

Last of all, Cheek went on to thank the principals – especially with October being principal appreciation month. “Principals, thank you. Administration and teaching is hard right now. Your work is appreciated and valued. I get that you are on the front lines with some of those phone calls. Community is difficult right now. Publicly , privately – I got your back and I support you and thank you,” he said admiringly.

Personnel Report

October 20, 2021

Certified: None


•Recommend Erin Clemmons for hire replacing Lisa Ray as the AGS secretary.


•Accept Brianne Eads letter of resignation from Girls Basketball

•Accept Chris Stinbring letter of resignation from JV Scholastic Bowl

•Recommend for hire, Chris Stinbring for JH Head Boys Basketball Coach

•Recommend Brock Casteel for JH Boys Assistant Coach

•Recommend Tracy Hood for HS Head Baseball Coach

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