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Cerro Gordo School Board October 2021 Summary

Staff Writer

Hard to believe, but the first quarter of school at Cerro Gordo ended on the fifteenth. Report Cards will be sent home on Friday.

Principal Jeremy Rodebaugh states, “Congratulations to the CGB Bulldogs JHXC team on making it to state!” The October Students of the Month are Ella Walker, Kaydon Waterhouse, and Addison McDermith.

The leadership committee consisting of: Kelly Martina, Yvette Casner, Sara Looper, Sarah Bone, Andrew Buhr, and Jodi Neaveil meet monthly and will be meeting on the 25th. Neaveil also reports, “The state visited our PK on October 12th. We will receive a report in a few weeks. I will share that information when we receive it. Thank you Mandi Isaac and Heather Skelley for your hard work.”

Superintendent Brett Robinson is pleased that the brick refacing project is complete. “The brick refacing project is now complete and very pleased with the outcome and have received a lot of positive comments from community members, staff members, parents, and even people I know from other places.”

Robinson added the PERA Committee has been meeting to make changes to evaluations. The team consists of:Lisa Forbes, Rhonda Lovin, Jodi Neaveill, Wil Pritchard, Jeremy Rodebaugh, and Brett Robinson. As far as changes, Robinson stated, “These are minor tweaks on how the

Principals and Teachers work together for what is required in teacher evaluations. There is a format that is required by the state for us to follow. And we follow everything that is required

As for example, whether a teacher is required to upload documents or the Principal and the Teacher have discussion about the topic that would have been contained in a document. That would be an example of tweaks.”

Both Robinson and Rodebuagh offered tours of the district to alums from the class of 1970-71 and 1980-81 which Robinson states, “Pleased and honored to be asked on the Homecoming Football Game day after the parade Mr Rodebaugh and I provided a tour to the classes of 1970 and 71. Very well attended.”

The annual Health, Life, and Safety Compliance check was conducted on October 5th by the Regional State Superintendent Matt Snyder. Robinson says, “Everything was good, and we are compliant.”

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