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Republican Frontrunner for Governor, Darren Bailey, Announces Stephanie Trussell as Pick for Lieutenant Governor

Lisle, IL—GOP frontrunner for Governor and State Senator, Darren Bailey, announced Stephanie Trussell as his running mate in front of a packed crowd in Lisle today. Speaking to a building full of supporters and vowing to continue the fight for working families, taxpayers, while providing safer communities and improving education across Illinois.

Bailey stated, “We are excited to have Stephanie join our team to fight for working families and taxpayers. She is a hard-working conservative, a fighter, a mother, and a grandmother who shares our passion to fight for the working people across Illinois who have been forgotten by establishment politicians, the elites, and the Illinois Democratic Party who have abandoned working families to push their extreme agenda.”

“While J.B. takes his private jet to Europe and focuses on an extreme and liberal national agenda, working families here in Illinois are struggling and in need of tax relief, economic opportunities, and safer communities. Our team is focused on Illinoisans and we will be aggressively campaigning in every community and for every vote. Illinois is our home and it’s in trouble and when your home is in trouble, you stand up and do something about it. We are not a campaign; we are a movement for change and we are ready to continue standing up and fighting for working families across the state and for the future of Illinois.” Bailey concluded.

Trussell stated, “What an amazing country we live in. A place where a woman born on the west side of Chicago, who had her first job at McDonald’s in Maywood, can stand before you today as a candidate for Lt. Governor. I love our country, and I love Illinois. It is the heartland of America. But its political leaders and the political class have failed us. That’s why I am so excited to join Darren Bailey’s campaign to restore Illinois. People say Illinois can’t be fixed. But I am here to tell you they are wrong; with a Bailey-Trussell ticket, we will bring our state back.”

Trussell concluded, “Friends, better days for Illinois are ahead. But only if we make real, conservative changes. Pritzker is a failure. We cannot afford four more years of failure. It will kill this state that we love. Let’s put the days of slick politicians and rich elites who don’t understand our problems behind us. My story has made me the conservative that I am today. Growing up on the west side—starting work early—raising 5 kids—all of this didn’t come without challenges. But together, all of us, the hard-working people of Illinois, we can solve real challenges and turn our home around. Darren Bailey is the Governor we need for Illinois.”

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