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Atwood Village Board decides on new police car

by Doris Elmore
Staff Writer
The Atwood Village Board made the decision to purchase a new police car at the regular meeting of the board on Monday, Dec. 13. Police chairperson Chris Stoltz presented bids for a Ford utility vehicle and Dodge sedan. She said Police Chief Rob Bross stated the Ford utility vehicle at Morrow Brothers of Greenfield, IL is the cheaper option and one he would recommend. Following a discussion on the Ford bid, the board voted to proceed in purchasing the new Ford Police Interceptor Utility AWD for a cost of $36,495. The board decided to finance the purchase.
Trustee Stoltz stated that Chief Bross had said in his report that officers are still looking for Corey Larimore with sightings in Champaign and Douglas Counties. Larimore is the person who allegedly backed into Chief Bross causing him injuries and totaled the police car. He said that once the village gets the final price for the squad car and equipment (not covered by insurance), he will request for funds to the Piatt County States Attorney’s Office to try and invade the bonds posted for restitution.
Expenditures totaling $43,563.17 were approved.
Village President Bill Fleming stated that he would like to thank village employees and all the chamber members who helped decorate the business district for Christmas. Bill also thanked all the residents who have decorated their homes for Christmas. He stated that it all looks great and helps give the community some Christmas spirit.
Fleming gave the following statement: “Obviously there has been several news accounts of the activity relating to the incident of an intended traffic stop by our Chief of Police and a person in a semi-tractor. First and foremost, I am very thankful that our chief does not appear to be seriously injured from the incident and appears to be recovering nicely from the injuries he sustained. I appreciate his dedication to his duties as well as our community and also for his future work and the future work of our other employees to pursue this situation to its end and to replace the items and equipment that was damaged as a result of this driver.”
President Fleming continued, “I’d also like to thank the resident who reported the violation of the driver that initiated the chief’s response. In order for our community to provide a safe environment for our families to live and our kids to play – it takes us all to be involved and to report these types of violations and incidents that compromise the safety of our residents and children. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of our local, county, state and federal law enforcement who has and continues to provide assistance to our Police Chief and our community as a result of this incident.”
Fleming said that regarding finance, through November the village is 16% under budget; Corporate is 135 under; Police is 8% under; streets is 32% under; motor fuel, 40% under. Water & Sewer is 13% under and although the park is 48% over – after factoring in the Ameren rebate for the ball park lights, it brings the park to 10% under budget. Fleming said he appreciates everyone doing such a great job managing costs.
Regarding the 3-year plan that President Fleming presented at the beginning of his term, he would like for the trustees and village superintendent to take another look at this plan. He said that many items have been accomplished, but there is still some that need some attention or reviewed to see if anything needs pushed out to the next fiscal year or farther. The January meeting will be the 8 months mark into this fiscal year. He would like them to give thought to items that they would like to be accomplished in the 2022-2023 fiscal so they can amend the plan before the budgeting process begins for the next fiscal year.
The board approved to extend the Bethel Tabernacle Apostolic Church special use permit to December, 2022.
The board adopted the 2022 calendar of meetings for the Atwood Village Board.
Ordinance 21-0-3 levying taxes for the fiscal year 2021-2022 was approved.
Updates on the personnel policy manual were approved.
The water & sewer committee and the water dept. personnel were asked to come up with a policy on water leaks to present at the January meeting.
A discussion was held on what to do with the old high school concession stand. The board did not come to a definite decision and decided to table for the January meeting.
The police activity report for November was as follows: case reports: 3; activity logs: 20; traffic citation: 1.
New trees have been planted and President Fleming said he has received several positive comments concerning the planting of new trees along Main Street. He has looked at the trees planted at the park and he feels they will be a positive improvement for the community for years to come.
Fleming has emailed the Grant Administrator concerning the status of the two applications for park grants, and is waiting for a response.
Cost for removal of the dead trees in town will be $10,845, which includes all the trees and stumps.
Cost of repair of the park backstop and fence, from dug out to dug out, due to storm damage in early September will be $12,128 from General Fence Company of Decatur. The village received $9,700 from insurance.
President wished the trustees, village employees, village attorney, Atwood residents and their families a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. He stated, “We’ve accomplished a lot since May of this year and I look forward to many more accomplishments in the coming months and years.”
The next meeting of the board will be held on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 6 p.m.

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