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Bement school board discussed baseball field, rapid tests

The Bement Baseball field will be ready to play ball in March. There will be a new building housing concessions, storage, and announcers.
Dr Greenwood’s Report:
Bement will be conducting their own rapid testing for COVID beginning in January. The Dewitt Piatt Health Department will be supplying the tests. Kirby Medical Group ends their free testing on December 21st for Dewitt, Piatt, and Moultrie schools. Superintendent Sheila Greenwood is relieved. “They are working to get us the tests, that was great and very welcome news!”
As far as the district’s boiler is concerned, they received a letter regarding the contract on December 3rd. The company is asking Sheila Greenwood, Bement School District, Illinois Plumbing and Heating Supply, and the architect to supply an additional $45,000. Greenwood stated that after speaking with the district’s attorney, the district is not held liable. “Well here is the deal. I contacted our attorney and we have a strong legal position that we do not have to pay anymore…The pandemic was already happening, and that is what he blames the delays and stuff on. Well I can see itthe pandemic started and all of the sudden hit, but we were well aware of the delays and so were they. And so my personal opinion is , too bad you are just gonna take a loss on this project.”
The district’s window project will move along as they can afford to do so.

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