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MTZ BOE approves second reading of handbook changes

By Blake Faith
The Mt. Zion School Board met on December 21 and approved the second reading of the 2022-2023 Student Course Handbook Planning Changes.
The first reading was at the November meeting. Inside of this handbook changes include additional classes that students can take.
One of those classes is the CEO Class. This class is designed for students to engage with Mt. Zion business community and students would learn how to become a CEO or owner of a business.
Another class that is possibly being added is a Film as Literature class. This class will be an English elective that will teach the students to analyze films in different genres like they would a literary text.
Another class that is being added is Algebra 3. This class’s aim is to prepare students for a pre-calculus class.
Nothing changed between the first and second reading besides some grammatical and spelling issues.
The Board also heard a COVID-19 update at the schools. The average in the first quarter was 10 a week. The last two week there were 24 and 27 cases to total out to 51. In last week’s first two days there were 13 new cases. The plan for after the holidays will remain the same for Mt. Zion schools as they will do five-days a week in-person and follow their return to school plan that requires masks and social distancing.
The next school board meeting will be on January 19 at 6:30 p.m.

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