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2021 Deer Season average produced

Firearm deer hunting season started off strong in 2021, with 50,300 deer killed the first weekend. But the numbers dropped during the second weekend to 21,375 deer.
The 2021 preliminary harvest for the 7-day 2021 Illinois Firearm Deer Season wound up with 71,675 deer reported, compared to 77,160 deer harvested in 2020. The 2020 total was 5,485 more deer killed than there were in 2021.
The weather is always a factor in the deer harvest numbers and this year the up and down weather played a factor with 60+ degrees one day and then down to 30 the next day and then back up to 60 the next few days.
Illinois is unique as a deer hunting destination because anywhere in the state you can kill a big deer.

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