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Shawnee Communications Makes Donation To District #305 Education Foundation

Jamie Franklin from Shawnee Communications in Lovington, presented a check to the District #305 Education Foundation in the amount of $5400. This presentation was a pleasant surprise that generated a lot of excitement among those present. The Education Foundation is extremely grateful to Shawnee Communications and their shareholders for recognizing the importance of the Foundation and the work it does for our students and staff. In the coming weeks watch for a press release from Shawnee Communications with more details about this contribution. Pictured are Ann Huffman, Marilyn Watkins, Marty Yeakel, Sally McCarthy, Carol Smith and James Caudle, just a few of the shareholders in 100 People Who Care, along with Jamie Franklin, Shawnee Communications. For more information about 100 People Who Care and the District #305 Education Foundation check out each group’s facebook page or go to on the web.

Shawnee Communications delivers a late Christmas gift to District #305 Education Foundation.

On Wednesday, January 19, Jamie Franklin, Customer Service Manager for Shawnee Communications, presented the District #305 Education Foundation with a much-needed donation.

The $5,400 donation consisted of employee donations, which were matched individually by Shawnee’s four shareholders and then matched by the company.

On hand to receive the donation were board members Carol Smith, Marty Yeakel and members of the “100 People Who Care” organization.

“The District #305 Education Foundation sincerely appreciates this $5400 contribution presented by Jamie Franklin on behalf of Shawnee Communications of Lovington.

The Education Foundation was formed to enable and enhance activities and programming in all the schools of District #305, and it cannot be emphasized enough how important and valuable it is when individuals, organizations, and businesses such as yours partner with the Foundation to support our schools and, most importantly, our students,” said Rod Randall, Board President.

“Wow! The generosity of the donation from Shawnee’s employees and board members amazed us all! That is more than we usually earn from any one of our yearly money-making projects.

“Thank you so much,” said Carol Smith, Board Secretary. “We will use this gift to help fund our senior scholarships, teacher grants, donations to the district’s technology programs, and other activities in the district.”

“Supporting and maintaining high-quality educational programs is critical for rural communities to thrive,” said Mrs. Franklin. “Shawnee loves to make donations like this! Being able to give back and positively impact our community is extremely important to us.” A similar donation was also made to the Gallatin County Wellness Center.

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