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GLOW BINGA. The ALAH Knights Boosters held their first annual Glow Binga event this past Saturday evening at the Kaskaskia Country Club. The sold-out fundraiser (only 120 tickets were available) included 6 Binga cards with dauber and one piece of Glow swag with each ticket purchased. Additional games played included a punch game, plunko, 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction. President Randa Carson said they made around $4,000. profit after expenses with the proceeds going towards new scoreboards for the high school gymnasium. Pulled pork sandwiches were available for purchase as well as appetizer and bar menu items. ALAH Knights Booster officers pictured are (front row) Michelle Snyder, board member; Andrea Wierman, treasurer; Randa Carson, president; and Christy Frederick, board member. (Back row) Misty Appleby, board member; Jamie Bowles, vice-president; and Angie Schable secretary.

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