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Bement CUSD changing mask mandate starting Friday

Update from Dr. Greenwood

We appreciate your patience as we have worked through the past week.  Last night at our regular school board meeting, the board had a very honest, open and productive discussion about masking.  We had several things to consider in this decision and ultimately, as the board consistently does, they put the students first.  Beginning tomorrow, masks will not be mandatory, but they will be highly recommended.  We are hopeful that everyone can respect other’s opinions on this and not shame, bully or ridicule those who choose to mask or not to mask.  We are also hopeful that the needs of certain individuals will be respected, for example, if a student or staff member has someone living in the home that is elderly, sick, undergoing treatments, etc. may need that extra layer of protection.  This “pause” in requiring masks will be in effect until the Appellate Court rules.  We are expecting that ruling on or before Feb. 17th and at that point, the ruling will then be for all school districts in the state.  We were simply doing our best to create a safe learning environment for our students and wanting to remain in-person learning. The reason we are starting this tomorrow instead of today is out of respect for the families and staff, giving them time to talk with their children. Thank you.

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