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Cassie Block 2022 Piatt County Spelling Bee Champion; Ben Newhouse Runner-Up

TOP SPELLERS. Winning the title of county champion went to 7th grader Cassie Block of Bement and runner-up was 7th grader Ben Newhouse of Atwood-Hammond. The pair will move on to the Regional Spelling Bee on March 12. Congratulations to both students.

The Piatt County Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, February 23 at Monticello Middle School.

A total of 24 fourth through eighth graders vied for the title of county champion.  After competing for several rounds, 7th grader Cassie Block from Bement was the winner spelling the word “ziggurat” correctly and 7th grader Ben Newhouse of Atwood-Hammond was the runner-up.

Block and Newhouse will move on to the Regional Spelling Bee to be held at Richland Community College on Saturday, March 12.

Also participating were spelling bee representatives from Atwood-Hammond Baymen Dyer (4th grade), Leonard Diaz (5th grade), Sophia Johnson (6th grade), and Michael Cassella (8th grade). From Bement Maci Mills (5th grade), Emmalyn Ewers (6th grade), and Shelby Senter (8th grade). From Cerro Gordo Griffin Durbin (4th grade), Madeline Willard (5th grade), Lathan Blair (6th grade), Harley Boedecker (7th grade), and Quintin Nevius (8th grade).

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