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Arthur School Board Approves Phase One from the Facilities Team

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School nurse, Melissa Nichols resigns

After hearing the plan for phase one from the Facilities Team from the regular school board meeting that took place on February 16, members of the ALAH board held a special meeting on March 2 to approve that plan. After a unanimous vote, members approved the plan that was presented at the regular school board meeting. The board had to decide whether or not to approve the plan, so that it could appear on the ballot in June.

After the plan was approved, there was some discussion and concern about being able to have all of the buildings in the district air conditioned. Because some of the money coming from ESSER funds had already been allocated, it is not certain that all of the buildings will be air conditioned. The district is set to receive about $1.9 million in ESSER funds. Presently in phase one, there is funds to air condition the Arthur Grade School, but not enough funds to air condition the entire high school building. Superintendent Shannon Cheek did explain though, that after phase one of the project was completed in 2025, it could be brought to the board to air condition the high school, but it could be done with a different set of funds.

After much discussion on the issue, it was brought to the table, for the motion to be amended, so that it would include air conditioning for the high school. That amended motion was accepted so that the plan for phase one would be to exclude the gymnasium at AGS and include air conditioning at the high school.

Once the public portion of the meeting was completed, board members went into closed session to receive a letter of resignation and a recommendation for hire. A letter of resignation was accepted from Mrs. Melissa Nichols as the school nurse and the recommendation to hire Justin Gimer as the high school Special Education teacher for the next school year was accepted.

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