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Superintendent Sheila Greenwood Addresses Teacher Shortage

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During the regularly scheduled Bement School Board meeting for March, Superintendent of Bement Schools, Sheila Greenwood addressed how the shortage of teachers is affecting Bement Schools.

“The teacher shortage is hitting us pretty hard as we look to replace two staff members for next year. We have middle school/high school Scienc and middle school ELA. The Science position is all middle school except one high school freshman level class. The English Language Arts is only middle school. We came up with a strategy to beat the bushes and try to get the word out. Mr. Kepley has contacted 12 universities and we have used social media in a couple of ways. They are also listed on the Job Bank which is still used heavily by educators looking for jobs both in teaching and in administration. We may have other positions to fill, but as of right now, we only have the two.”

She added, “ I know we are a couple of months away, but I hope this summer break, everyone does a hard reset of their minds, hearts, and souls. It has been a very trying time and a lot of spirits have been bent and even broken. Educators are leaving the profession because of all of the dynamics surrounding the oneighty of education as we know it. Change and uncertainty are not welcome attributes in a work environment. At this point, we usually say, let’s finish strong, but for many, it is just let’s finish and that is the best that they have to offer.”

And in case anyone was curious, no CRT (or Critical Race Theory) will not be taught at any K-12 Public School in Illinois. Greenwood reminded folks of this, “or anyone worrying about CRT Critical Race Theory, just know that it is a college campus discussion and hasn’t entered the PK-12 discussions yet. Misinformation abounds and scare tactics are being used to rally troops to fight the invisible force. If it ever comes down to our school level, then you can have discussions about it, but for right now, it remains a college thing. I just thought I should mention that.”

Important Upcoming Dates:

•March 17 – LPC Honor Band Festival at 7pm

•March 18 – Report Cards Distributed

•April 4-8 – IAR Testing

•April 6 – Midterms

•April 13 – PSAT/SAT testing for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors

•Cassie Block advanced to Regionals for Spelling Bee March 12

•High School Honors Night May 5

•8th Grade Honors Night Thursday, May 26

•High School Graduation Friday, May 27 (With parade immediately following)

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