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“The Alibis.”

The old gym at Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School was the setting last weekend for the Drama Club’s presentation of “The Alibis.” The play consisted of a cast of ‘characters’ providing their alibis to a detective after the murder of an eccentric billionaire. Suspects include a known crook, parents trying to provide a special birthday present to their daughter, a disgruntled chef, a crooked lawyer and an obsessed scholar, with absurd alibis meant to cover other crimes. Terrific acting was a highlight of the show. These students not only fit but played their parts well. Pictured are cast and crew. Seated in front: Emma Flanagan, Perla Juarez-Cuevas, Ryan Malin, L. Burgin. In back left to right: Em Sausman, Sarah Rogers, Kat Perez, McKayla Custer, Payton Rawlins, Miah Malin, Bianca Corona, Piper Johnson, Jacob Adcock, Cheyenne Chupp, Alyssa Gray, Jesus Corona.

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