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Jr. High Knights Compete At Mt. Zion JH Invitational

Owen Herring a seventh grader on the ALAH jr. high track team sprints down the straightaway in the 200 meter dash at the Mt. Zion meet on Saturday, April 30. Owen would finish in third place in the race in a PR time of 28.21. He also ran the anchor legs of the 4 X 2 and 4 X 4 relays.

ALAH seventh grader Brooklynn Peeler takes the baton from teammate Embrey Reardon in the 4 X 4 relay at the Mt. Zion meet last Saturday. Jillian Marner ran the lead off leg and Cassidy Rohacs the anchor on the relay that had a time of 5:33.41.

The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond jr. high track and field teams competed at the annual Mt. Zion JH Invitational on Saturday, April 30. When the teams first arrived it didn’t look as if there would be any competition as the athletes sat on the buses waiting for a brief storm to pass. The storm did pass and the meet was only delayed by about 15 minutes. While there was no more rain, the windy conditions that have been present at what seems like every meet this season were once again a factor in the competition.

This meet features several IESA Class 3A and 4A schools so it provides some very strong competition for the Jr High Knights heading into the IESA Sectional meet on May 14. Scoring in the meet is challenging but the young Knights did have some good results. The eighth grade boys recorded the highest finish in the team standings taking fifth in their division. The eighth grade girls were seventh, the seventh grade girls, eighth and the seventh grade boys were tenth. There were 13 schools participating in the meet.

The Knights had one individual and one relay that brought home first place medals. Easton Frederick won the eighth grade boys’ 110 meter hurdles and the seventh grade girls took first in the 4 X 1 relay. Members of that team were Riley Strode, Brynlee Moore, Sophie Monts and Cassidy Rohacs.

Other scorers for ALAH were in the seventh grade girls division, Brynlee Moore took second in the high jump; in the seventh grade boys’ division, Owen Herring was third in the 200 meters, Cooper Shoemaker, sixth in the high jump, Brennon Hutson, Tyler Lisanby, Shoemaker, and Herring were fifth in the 4 X 4 and Hutson, Shoemaker, Coye Grant and Herring took sixth in the 4 X 2 relay. On the eighth grade girls’ side Ruby Burton was third in the 400 and fifth in the 800 meters; Alex Clark placed fourth in the shot put and the 4 X 1 relay of Grace Romine, Addi Rohr, Skyler Graham and Burton finished fourth. For the eighth grade boys, Easton Frederick was third in the long jump; Payton Warrior was third in the 100 and second in the 200; Daylon Doggett too sixth in both the 200 meters and the 110 meter hurdles; Cruz Hale finished third in the 800 and fifth in the 1600 meters; a third place was earned by the 4 X 2 relay team of Dana Soard, Frederick, Doggett and Warrior and the 4 X 4 team of Frederick, Justin Schrock, Cruz Hale and Warrior placed fourth.

The Knights were to compete in the annual Jr. High Okaw Conference meet at Arcola on May 2, have a home triangular with Paris Mayo and Sullivan on May 10th and then compete at the IESA Class 3A Sectional at Shelbyville on Saturday, May 14. First place winners or those meeting qualifying standards set by the IESA at Sectional will advance to the IESA State Track and Field Meet on Friday and Saturday, May 20 & 21.

7th Grade ALAH Boys Team and Individual Results
Mt. Zion JH Invitational
April 30, 2022

Team results: 1. Mt. Zion 106; 2. Tolono Unity 59; 3 Riverton 56; 4. Effingham 49; 5. Williamsville 45; 6. Urbana 44; 7. Springfield Christian 24; 8. Sangamon Valley 23; 9. Mahomet-Seymour 17; 10. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 60; 11. Stephen Decatur & Our Lady of Lourdes 4;

Discus: Joshua Taylor 62’ 3”; Preston Gingerich 58’ 0”

Shot Put: Joshua Taylor 27’ 2”

High Jump: Cooper Shoemaker 4’ 4”, sixth;

Long Jump: Tyler Lisanby 12’ 8”; Coye Grant 12’ 0”;

110 M Hurdles: Tyler Lisanby 20.97; Brennon Hutson 21.04

100M: Owen Herring 13.76; Anden Berry 15.40

200M: Owen Herring 28.21, third; Anden Berry 33.21

400M: Brennon Hutson 1:07.18; Tyler Lisanby 1:10.15

800M: Coye Grant 2:41.13; Cooper Shoemaker 2:50.73;

1600M: Coye Grant 5:55.98

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:05.07 (Solly Binion, Anden Berry, Preston Gingerich, Joshua Taylor)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:03.60, sixth (Brennon Hutson, Cooper Shoemaker, Coye Grant, Owen Herring)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:38.74, fifth (Brennon Hutson, Tyler Lisanby, Cooper Shoemaker, Owen Herring)

8th Grade ALAH Boys Team and Individual Results
Mt. Zion JH Invitational
April 30, 2022

Team results: 1. Mt. Zion 126; Tolono Unity 94; 3. Mahomet-Seymour 58; 4. Effingham 53; 5. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 50; 6. Urbana 36; 7. Springfield Christian 17; 8. Riverton 4; 9. Williamsville 1;

Discus: Kamden Morfey 88’ 8”; Kyler Stone 58’ 9”;

Shot Put: Kyler Stone 26’ 2”; Kamden Morfey 24’ 5”;

High Jump: Trey Strode 4’ 8”;

Long Jump: Easton Frederick 17’ 2”, third, Dana Soard 12’ 11”

110 M Hurdles: Easton Frederick 18.05, first; Daylon Doggett 19.44, sixth

100M: Payton Warrior 12.08, third; Parker Beck 15.06

200M: Payton Warrior 24.94, second; Daylon Doggett 26.58, sixth

400M: Tristan Keagle 1:13.22

800M: Cruz Hale 2:28.30, third; Trey Strode 2:41.61

1600M: Cruz Hale 5:18.84, fifth; Trey Strode 5:51.28

400M Relay: DQ

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:47.25, third (Dana Soard, Easton Frederick, Daylon Doggett, Payton Warrior)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:16.44, fourth (Easton Frederick, Justin Schrock, Cruz Hale, Payton Warrior)

7th Grade ALAH Girls Team and Individual Results
Mt. Zion JH Invitational
April 30, 2022

Team Results: 1. Mt. Zion 114; 2. Mahomet-Seymor 75; 3. Effingham 74; 4. Williamsville 53; 5. Tolono Unity 49; 6. Springfield Christian 45; 7. Urbana 27; 8. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 21; 9. Stephen Decatur 6; 10. Our Lady of Lourdes 1;

Shot Put: Emily Keagle 18’ 2”; Presley Johnson 16’ 1”

Discus: Emily Keagle 51’ 8”; Esmerelda Diaz 42’ 7”

High Jump: Brynlee Moore 4’ 4”, second

Long Jump: Rylie Ward 10’ 7”; Sophie Monts 10’ 5.5”

100 M Hurdles: Riley Strode 20.15; Cassidy Rohacs 21.23;

100M: Brynlee Moore 14.87; Reece Oye 15.67

200M: Brooklynn Peeler 30.52

400M: Reece Oye 1:19.06;

800M: Embrey Reardon 2:52.72; Morgan Casteel 3:07.20;

1600M: Annabelle Vanausdoll 6:35.22; Ella Oye 7:19.96

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:00.14, first (Riley Strode, Brynlee Moore, Sophie Monts, Cassidy Rohacs)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:13.48 (Briana Clayton, Isabella Menna, Keely Simpson, Lyla Sutton)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:12.18, first (Norma Mendoza, Rylie Ward, Brooklyn Peeler, Jillian Marner)

8th Grade ALAH Girls Team and Individual Results
Mt. Zion JH Invitational
April 30, 2022

Team Results: 1. Mt. Zion 145; 2. Tolono Unity 112; 3. Mahomet-Seymour 65; 4. Williamsville 36; 5. Effingham 29; 6. Our Lady of Lourdes 23; 7. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 18; 8. Urbana 12; 9. Sangamon Valley 9; 10. Springfield Christian & Stephen Decatur 8;

Shot Put: Alex Clark 24’ 9.5”, fourth; Chloe Custer 16’ 11”

Discus: Alex Clark 57’ 0”; Chloe Custer 44’ 3”

High Jump: None

Long Jump: Embrey Reardon 11’ 9.5”

100 M Hurdles: Avery Alexander 23.49

100M: Skyler Graham 14.60; Addi Rohr 15.27

200M: Grace Romine 30.87; Skyler Graham 30.88;

400M: Ruby Burton 1:09.28, third; Sophie Monts 1:15.61

800M: Ruby Burton 2:50.06, fifth; Kimberly Krutsinger 3:28.60

1600M: Kimberly Krutsinger 7:23.09; Katie Appleby 8:59.21

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 58.97, fourth (Grace Romine, Addi Rohr, Skyler Graham, Ruby Burton)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:15.27 (Reece Oye, Embrey Reardon, Avery Alexander, Lily Vanda)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:10.40 (Grace Romine, Sophie Monts, Skyler Graham, Ruby Burton)


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