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Acts of Vandalism found at Fletcher Park

Staff Writer

Last week, the Mt. Zion Police Department released information on vandalism acts at Fletcher Park.

Sometime during the previous months, vandals caused extensive damage to the air condition unit at the Fletcher Park Recreation Center. The cost to repair the damage is expected to be over $10,000.

According to Mt. Zion Police Chief Adam Skundberg it is believed that the people involved got on top of the air condition unit that is eight feet high in the air and jumped up and down on it basically to break it. When the air condition unit 1 kicked on for the first time since last summer, the motor burned out from the damage.

During the past few weeks, the men’s restroom at the outdoor pavilion has also been vandalized at least twice. When the bathrooms opened the vandalism was noticed including the stall being pulled out of the wall.

The person(s) responsible for the damage could potentially face a felony charge for Criminal Damage to State Supported Property as well as restitution for repairs.

Chief Skundberg wants to get information out about this vandalism and wants citizens and slake goers to be vigilant and if they know or see something sketchy going on to call the Mt. Zion Police Department.

“One thing we’re hoping to get out of this is to make people aware that not only is knowing will be like to get information about what happened,” Chief Skundberg said. “But we also want to make people aware that this is just a problem that you have whenever you have a park. And we want the park goers to be vigilant when somebody’s driving past the park, and they see something going on, not to be afraid to call us. Give us a call. We will go there and check it out. So that’s that’s the main thing we’d like to get out of this. Obviously, we’d like to catch whoever did it, but we have another secondary option. We want people to be vigilant and to give us a call when they see something out of the ordinary.”

If you have any information regarding the damage, please contact the Mt. Zion Police Department at 217-864-4012.

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