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Atwood Village Board Enforcing Ordinance Violations


By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Ordinances are set in place for a reason, and that is not to ignore. Village President Bill Fleming mentioned these ordinance violations at the regular meeting of the Atwood Village Board on Monday, May 9. Many of these ordinances are broken during the summer and fall. Some of the ordinances are as follows:

DOGS: Dogs must be restrained when outside the home and not fenced in. They should be on a leash. Please take a bag with you to pick up their waste.

BURNING TRASH: Yard waste, for example sticks, small limbs, weeds, can be burned in daylight hours only. If you have a lot of yard waste, put it in a paper yard bag and take to the city dump located in the southwest part of town. DO NOT put trash in plastic bags, they are not burnable.

GRASS ON STREETS: There is an Illinois State Law against throwing grass on city streets or roadways. It is dangerous for walkers, bikers, motorcycle riders to hit the grass and either fall or wreck.

HIGH GRASS: Grass should not get above 12 inches. If it violates the ordinance, the village can mow it, or hire someone to mow it, and the owner will be responsible for the expense.

POOLS: Larger pools are required to have at least a 4ft fence around all the pool with a locking gate. Portable pools with a diameter of less than 12 ft. are not included in this ordinance.

CITY DUMPING: As mentioned above, Atwood has a city dump available in the southwest corner of town that is available most hours. Waste must be in burnable bags (No Plastic Bags and NO Furniture).

ABANDONED/INOPERABLE VEHICLES: Cars, trucks, etc. inoperable must be removed from property.

Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross stated that failure to adhere to these ordinances will result in citations and possible court date.

The village board is working on notifying owners of abandoned/run down homes. The beautification of the Village of Atwood is in full force, be sure to adhere to village ordinances.

Regular village board meeting article will be in next week’s newspaper.

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