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Cerro Gordo Bement Girls Take 2nd in Second Annual Lincoln Prairie Conference Meet

The Cerro Gordo Bement girls’ team took second place in the team standings with 103 points. Pictured here with their trophy are: front row: Coach Ridgeway, Mariah Corpus, Haylei Simpson, Caroline Hill, Morgan Brunner and back row: Katherine Quick, MaKenzie Meinders, Jacey Young, Haley Garrett, Jazzi Hicks, Skye Tieman, Ali Walker, Reese Brunner, Gabby Block.

CGB Boys Finish Fourth – Both Set New Meet Records!!

The Cerro Gordo Bement Lady Broncos track and field team took second place in the Second Annual Lincoln Prairie Conference meet held on their home track on Monday, May 9. Several new meet records were set including two by Haley Garrett in a very close finish in the 100 meter dash and another in the long jump. Also setting a new meet mark was the 4 X 1 relay team of Skye Tieman, Haley Garrett, Haylei Simpson and Caroline Hill. Other conference championships for the girls were Jazzi Hicks in both the shot put and the discus and the 4 X 8 relay foursome of Mariah Corpus, Reese Brunner, Ali Walker and Marley Olson.

The CGB boys team finished in fourth place in their division with three event champions, Dylan Howell won the 3200 meter run for the second consecutive year, Chance Young took first in the high jump and Evan Fogerson, Jariah Adamson, Howell, and Young combined to take first in the 4 X 4 relay and set a meet record in that event.

Next up for both the boys and girls teams are the IHSA Sectionals. The girls were to compete at Sullivan on May 12 and the boys would be at Tuscola on Wednesday, May 18. Athletes and relays who finish first or second or those meeting qualifying standards at the Sectional meet would advance to the State Pre-lims on May 17 for the girls and May 26 for the boys. Both those meets will be on the big blue oval at Eastern Illinois University.

Cerro Gordo Bement Girls Team and
Individual Results
Lincoln Prairie
Conference Meet
May 9, 2022

Team Results: 1. Okaw Valley 116; 2. Cerro Gordo Bement 103; 3. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 82; 4. Argenta-Oreana 58; 5. Blue Ridge 52. 6. Arcola 51; 7. Heritage 35; 8. Villa Grove 19; 9. Sangamon Valley 14; 10. Cumberland 12; 11. Hume Shiloh 5

Shot Put: Jazzi Hicks 10.79m, first; Jaeli Doolin 6.00m

Discus: Jazzi Hicks 32.71m, first; Jacey Young 19.04m

High Jump: Katherine Quick 1.47m, fifth; Jacey Young 1.37m

Long Jump: Haley Garrett 4.88m, first, new meet record

Triple Jump: Reese Brunner 8.91m, fourth; Haylei Simpson 8.33m

100M Hurdles: Gabby Block 21.33, fifth; Makenzie Meinders 22.47, sixth

300M Hurdles: Gabby Block 54.04, third; Katherine Quick 1:01.50

100M: Haley Garrett 13.05, first, new meet record; Caroline Hill 13.55, fifth

200M: Caroline Hill 28.09, fourth;

400M: Haley Garrett 1:07.64, fourth; Haylei Simpson 1:08.01, fifth

800M: Reese Brunner 3:00.45, sixth; Mariah Corpus 3:04.94

1600M: Mariah Corpus 7:06.21, sixth; Peyton Lents 9:05.59

3200M: Gabby Block 15:58.13; Marley Olson 17:52.65

4 X 100 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 54.19, first, new meet record (Skye Tieman, Haley Garrett, Haylei Simpson, Caroline Hill)

4 X 200 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 2:11.77 (Bella Zigler, Skye Tieman, Bailey Walter, Ali Walker)

4 X 4 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 4:40.11, second (Haylei Simpson, Reese Brunner, Caroline Hill, Gabby Block)

4 X 800 M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 12:09.35, first (Mariah Corpus, Reese Brunner, Ali Walker, Marley Olson)

Cerro Gordo Bement Boys Team and
Individual Results
Lincoln Prairie
Conference Meet
May 9, 2022

Team Results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 117; 2. Arcola 82; 3. Villa Grove 77; 4. Cerro Gordo Bement 63; 5. Cumberland 46; 6. Argenta-Oreana 36; 7. Sangamon Valley 33; 8. Okaw Valley 32; 9. Heritage 24; 10. Blue Ridge 22; 11. Hume Shiloh 8

Shot Put: Thomas Pierceall 11.28m, fifth; Ian Glennon 7.41m

Discus: Jariah Adamson 35.74m, fourth; Ivan Corpus 29.71m

Long Jump: Mason Conour 5.00m; Gavin Conour 4.65m

High Jump: Chance Young 1.93m, first

Triple Jump: Tyce Alumbaugh 10.07m, sixth

110M Hurdles: Mason Conour 21.43; Tyce Alumbaugh 21.80

300M Hurdles: Mason Conour 49.17, third

100M: Jaariah Adamson 12.07; Cameron Brown 13.13

200M: Chance Young 24.46, fifth; Gavin Conour 26.30

400M: Jariah Adamson 55.56, second; Cameron Brown 1:09.87

800M: John Freese 2:49.68

1600M: Dylan Howell 5:05.90, second; John Freese 6:22.30

3200M: Dylan Howell 10:44.31, first; J.P. Brewer 13:38.79

4 X 2 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 1:48.05, sixth (Cole Stoerger, Evan Fogerson, Gavin Conour, Garrett Daniels)

4 X 4 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 3:46.75, first, new meet record (Evan Fogerson, Jariah Adamson, Dylan Howell, Chance Young)

4 X 8 Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 10:37.03, fifth (Evan Fogerson, Tyce Alumbaugh, John Freese, J.P. Brewer)

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